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This winter restaurants in Steamboat are ready to serve you in a variety of ways! Looking for quick to-go options? What about family-style takeout meals? Want to find a great restaurant after a day of adventure? However you choose to dine this winter, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best

Show your local love for restaurants

There are many ways you can support local restaurants, breweries, and eateries – even with dine-in temporarily closed. Please consider these alternative ways to show your love for our restaurants and satisfy your cravings!

1. Order Take-Out or Delivery


When you’re up in the mountains, you’re up at altitude. The golf balls fly farther, the people are friendlier, and the cocktails hit you harder the next morning. The question is, where do you want to spend your evening at 6,800 feet and how high do you want to fly? There are plenty of nightlife

A trip to northwestern Colorado means Western hospitality at its finest - and guess what, western hospitality doesn’t mean fine dining equals baked beans and sausage. We’re lucky that some of the finest chefs in Colorado have chosen to make Steamboat Springs their home. The work-life balance in the

Fresh ingredients just taste better. For many chefs in Steamboat Springs, buying local produce, meat, eggs and more ensures they deliver the tastiest food possible. Thankfully this is a way of life for many chefs and restaurants in the ‘Boat, which is part of why the food scene is one of the most

Possibly the most “Colorado” photo of all time is the famed depiction of a pair of Stetson- and spur-wearing cowhands on horseback riding through two feet of snow in Steamboat Springs and carrying wooden skis across their laps. This also happens to be the quintessential image of Steamboat, which

As an Ohioan who hails from the city of Columbus, a trip to visit my aunt in Steamboat Springs was a welcome vacation. There is more to do in this small mountain town than I could have ever imagined. The people are welcoming, the food and brews are outstanding, and this town boasts adventures for

Steamboat Springs may be a rural mountain town, but that doesn’t mean the dining experience is anything short of diverse, unique, and make-you-drool-just-thinking-about-it delicious! Regardless of your tastes, Steamboat provides a dining experience that you and your loved ones will not soon forget.

Colorado is the nation’s destination for craft beer, falling only behind California in the number of native microbreweries. The latest stat from the Denver Business Journal tells us there are six breweries in Colorado for every 100,000 residents ... but when you head to the northwest, Steamboat

Whether you’re looking for happy hour, dinner and drinks, or a cocktail, you want to be outside for “magic hour.” You know, when the alpenglow hits the mountain peak and everybody is just grinning from ear to ear when you walk down the Core Trail? Pull up a barstool at one of these venues.

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