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Shop Local 

As our community faces the many challenges of COVID-19, Steamboat Springs’s local businesses have taken a hit to keep our community safe. Right now, small businesses need us more than ever. Read more below to find out how you can support the Steamboat Springs business community.

Shop Local | Business Support Form 

The Steamboat Springs Chamber is creating a resource for Routt County businesses to keep the public updated about their business status and ways to support local during this time. This information will be distributed to the community to safely support local businesses by getting takeout from a restaurant, making an online purchase, or buying a gift card.

If your business is still open, please complete this form ASAP so we can share the information with the community. *This form is open to the public and NOT limited to only Steamboat Springs Chamber members, so please share with all Routt County businesses. Contact Vic Walker with any questions on the program. 

Shop Local | Support Local

Steamboat Springs businesses are open and ready to welcome you back. If you’ve been missing your favorite Steamboat places, now is the time to support local businesses. Visit our Business Directory to find all the wonderful places that make up our community. Be sure to check their social channels and website for up to date hours and special deals happing right now! 

Shop Local Considerations
  • Give the Gift of Business: Shop locally as much possible, dine-in or grab takeout from local restaurants, buy a gift card to use at a later date
  • Keep Your Subscription: To the gym, exercise class, painting class, music and dance lessons, etc. Many small businesses rely on your support to keep their doors open and pay their bills. Your continued support can save that business!
  • Buy Now, Pick Up Later: If you were planning to make a purchase, call the business to see if you can still make the purchase but pick it up later.
  • Ask How You Can Help: Contact your friends who own a business and see how you can help.
  • If You Do Feel Well and Go Out: Consider a generous tip for services that you utilize, be kind and offer a smile, keep your distance, and wash your hands.