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Server Training Program

The Chamber has partnered with local business, Memorable Experiences, to offer their server training program to our members at a 10% discounted rate! This training is a great resource for restaurant owners who want to help their employees grow.


About the Course:

This online course is designed to help expedite training for new servers, inspire more sales, better customer service, & more brand loyalty. With unlimited users, this is a one time purchase that will set restaurants up for success all year.

server training program

In this Course:

Money Mindset: How to have a good relationship with money and attract more into the lives of your servers.

Financial Goal Setting: Having a focused financial goal will inspire servers to sell and add to your bottom line.

Pre-Shift Ritual: So your servers arrive at work focused and unshakeable. Nothing will throw them off their game.

Sales Diamond: Our proprietary way to teach sales to your Server workforce.

Connection Chain: Our unique way to explain the importance of connecting with guests and set minimum expectations to ensure your servers are doing more than just taking orders.

Points of Service: Review the American service expectations to keep your customer satisfaction levels high.

Each section includes a video & workbook so your Servers can experience the most growth possible. To increase your sales, train your service staff, & improve the customer experience, purchase this online course for your staff today.


About Memorable Experiences

Jen Hubler, the owner and trainer at Memorable Experiences, has memorable experiences20 years in the Hospitality Industry. Annually, Jen has trained 200+ staff in live hospitality trainings,  and additionally opened and trained staff at two highly successful restaurants. She is passionate about sales, connecting with guests, & training high levels of service.

All packages have unlimited users for one year. Packages will automatically renew one year from the purchase date.


Your Investment in Your Staff:

Are you a Chamber Member? Purchase at our affiliate link below for a 10% discount at checkout.

  • 1 Location Purchase - $2499
  • 5 Location Purchase - $3999
  • 10 Location Purchase - $6499, or two monthly payments of $3300
  • 15 Location Purchase - $8999, or three monthly payments of $3050


The chamber discount code for 10% off is: SBSCHAMBER24

Questions? Please reach out to: