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Locals' Favorite Drinks in Steamboat Springs

Get the inside scoop on drinking in Steamboat Springs like a local. For a shot of espresso or a smooth brew, Steamboat has many beverages that are unique to our small mountain town.

  • “My favorite spot to have a drink is on the back “lawn” at E3. The river is flowing by, you can gather your friends in a circle on the small grassy area under the trees and enjoy E3’s awesome wine and drink selection.” - Traci Smith, Sotheby’s International
  • "Anything on nitro at Mahogany Ridge."- Mike Poirot, Steamboat Ski Resort
  • “If I am feeling fancy, definitely the Laundry! We always try their daily infusion, and it never disappoints. The Barley is also a go-to for me. My husband and I even went there the night of our wedding.” - Kendall Perry, City of Steamboat Springs
  • "A Bloody Mary at Four Points Lodge." - Brian Harvey, Steamboat Radio 
  • "A triple shot Americano at Mountain Brew." - Darcy Owens-Trask, Routt County

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