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Guide to Arts and Culture Activities in Steamboat Springs

“Deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, rushing streams flow straight from the snowy peaks of the Great Divide, and the wind blows fresh through forests of dense pine and spruce. Here life is free, simple and sweet. For perfect expression in dancing, music, or any creative art, freedom of the body, and of the spirit, is necessary.” – From the 1913 Perry-Mansfield brochure.

In 1875 first permanent white settlers to Steamboat Springs, CO, the Crawford Family, arrived with an organ, paintbrushes, and paints. In 1915, Perry-Mansfield Performing Arts School & Camp opened in Strawberry Park, CO becoming the first camp in the country to integrate dance, theatre, the arts, and exploration of the great outdoors. Today, Perry-Mansfield is the oldest continually operating camp in the country. The tapestry of arts, culture, and heritage continues to grow. Steamboat Springs is a state-certified Creative District. Galleries, and performances in music, dance, theatre, and other creative arts abound. Creativity is the thread that brings the community together, celebrates the diversity of ideas, and gives us a new way to see the world. Welcome to the world of arts and culture in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Performing Arts and Entertainment

Live Music

Music sounds better up here. Whether you’re gathered with thousands enjoying an afternoon outdoor free concert or kicking up your boots in a dark saloon, there is music everywhere you turn in Steamboat Springs: Enjoy classical and contemporary in a setting perfect for listening, or tap your feet along to a country or rock band at a rowdy bar.

Literary Arts


Literary Sojourn is an annual festival of authors and readers celebrating the power of the book. Every fall since 1993, an esteemed slate of authors and 500 book lovers from all over the country have gathered in Steamboat Springs for a single-day event that sells out each year. Together they revel in the written word, fueled by award-winning writers who share the stories and inspiration behind their exceptional books. Literary Sojourn is the oldest and most anticipated literary festival in the Rocky Mountains.

Art Galleries and the Visual Arts

Steamboat Springs’ diversity of art galleries celebrates local scenery and Western heritage through the work of Colorado and nationally renown artists. Find that perfect wildlife photograph or a classic cowboy painting to take home as a memento of your time in Steamboat, or simply enjoy extensive art installations and contemporary works. Whether your tastes lie in abstraction or stark realism, Steamboat Springs galleries showcase a wide variety of stunning and thought-provoking art.


The Steamboat Art Museum collects, preserves, and presents fine art to the public, with a primary focus on the culture and heritage of Northwestern Colorado. The building that is now the home for the Steamboat Art Museum was a gift from the estate of Helen Rehder, a long-time area rancher and artist, who stipulated that the building be used as a museum. The museum hosts various artists' collections and shows throughout the year.


Peruse downtown galleries and venues to get a first look at new art collections during First Friday Artwalk each month. A favorite local event, the Artwalk fuses culture, food and wine with a wide variety of arts and great conversation. From sculptures and jewelry to abstract and plein air paintings, celebrate the vibrant arts culture in Steamboat Springs on the first Friday of each month.

Art Classes and Workshops

Artists and art instructors from the community seek to empower others through teaching of a variety of classes and workshops in Steamboat Springs. From novice painting and wine date nights to acting classes, the opportunities abound year-round to get in touch with your inner creativity.

Enjoy the artistic learning experience that world-class teachers and stunning surroundings can inspire.


Steamboat Creates produces several creative classes and camps throughout the year to engage the community with the visual and performing arts. Register for everything from dance class to creative writing and discovering photography. Click here to learn more. 

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