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Leadership Steamboat

Leadership Steamboat

The Steamboat Springs Chamber facilitates Leadership Steamboat which is designed to develop informed, committed and passionate leaders in business and community service.

The annual Leadership Steamboat program exists to create a foundation from which its graduates will grow their personal leadership skills and further expand their involvement within the Steamboat Springs community. It is designed to serve as the beginning of a long-term relationship with various aspects of Steamboat Springs, allowing class participants to learn about numerous segments of the community as well as develop an effective network of contacts.

Sessions include:

  • Orientation Retreat (half-day Thursday, all day Friday) - Thursday and Friday, September 21 & 22
  • Local Government & Personal Brand Presentations - Friday, October 20
  • Nonprofits & Board Service - Thursday, November 17
  • Professional Development & Group Project Work- Friday, December 15
  • Professional Development & Group Project Work- Friday, January 19
  • Economy, Yampa Valley Businesses & Professional Development - Friday, February 16
  • Yampa Valley Businesses - Friday, March 22
  • Arts and Culture & Land Use- Friday, April 19
  • Economic Summit & Group Project Work - Friday, May 24
  • Final Session - Friday, June 21
  • Graduation - Friday, June 21


A large part of the program is a group project of the class’ choice. There will be time allotted during some classes, but some meetings and tasks will need to be completed outside of class time. Past Leadership Steamboat projects include Yampa Valley Gives Day, Bear Aware, Steamboat Bike Guide, recycling containers on Lincoln Ave, and many others.

For additional info on the program and requirements to consider before applying, please click the link below.

2024 LEADERSHIP CLASS PROJECT: Leadership Alumni Association

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Leadership Steamboat Alumni Association, a new initiative aimed at empowering graduates of the Leadership Steamboat program and fostering a connected community in our area. 

The mission of the Leadership Steamboat Alumni Association is to provide ongoing opportunities for networking, professional development, and community engagement. One of our primary goals is to raise seed capital for future classes of Leadership Steamboat, ensuring that this transformative program continues to thrive and benefit our community for years to come.


Quotes from Past Participants

"Although I grew up in Steamboat, Leadership Steamboat gave me a better understanding of my community and how I could get involved. In fact, Leadership Steamboat inspired me to apply (and was ultimately appointed) to the Steamboat Springs City Council. I also met many great people during Leadership Steamboat, who I continue to be in contact with today. One of my classmates I started a mastermind group with, others I continue to volunteer with for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel (our Leadership project), and another I hired as my accountant! I would highly encourage everyone to take part in Leadership Steamboat to benefit both themselves and the community." - Lisel Petis, Executive Director, Advocates Building Peaceful Communities

"I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Leadership Steamboat – Class of 2016-2017, sponsored by the Steamboat Springs Chamber. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn how our valley and community is so prized apply for the Leadership Steamboat. The Yampa Valley is a very complex organism and there are many moving parts that have to sync together. Leadership Steamboat shows how that is done. There is also a Leadership Training component of the Class from which all participants benefit. But most of all, there is the comradery and friendships that develop among the Class-mates. Indeed, a number of us still get together about monthly for a Happy Hour reunion. Leadership Steamboat is one of the very best things I have done since moving here in 2003." - James J. Moylan, Attorney

"Leadership Steamboat was an invaluable experience for me. The class strengthened my connection to this community that I love by giving us behind the scenes information about all the things that make Routt County such an amazing place to live. The things I learned and the relationships I built through Leadership Steamboat have benefitted me in my job, helped me to broaden my network, and given me a deep understanding of getting things done "Steamboat style." Leadership Steamboat was the launching point for much of my leadership in our community, including serving on the Editorial Board, joining the executive board of the First Impressions Early Childhood Council, and even running for office. I highly recommend Leadership Steamboat to anyone who wants to understand how to lead within our community." - Beth Melton, Routt County Commissioner