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Leadership Steamboat

The Steamboat Springs Chamber facilitates Leadership Steamboat which is designed to develop informed, committed and passionate leaders in business and community service.

The annual Leadership Steamboat program exists to create a foundation from which its graduates will grow their personal leadership skills and further expand their involvement within the Steamboat Springs community. It is designed to serve as the beginning of a long-term relationship with various aspects of Steamboat Springs, allowing class participants to learn about numerous segments of the community as well as develop an effective network of contacts.

Sessions include:

  • Orientation Retreat (half-day Thursday, all day Friday) - Thursday and Friday, September 16/17
  • Current Community Opportunities- Friday, October 8
  • Economic Summit- Friday, November 12
  • Professional Development & Group Project Work- Friday, December 10
  • Economy, Local Government & Group Project Work - Friday, January 14
  • Yampa Valley Business & Professional Development - Friday, February 11
  • Yampa Valley Businesses - Friday, March 11
  • Arts and Culture & Land Use- Friday, April 8
  • Agriculture & Regional Perspective Field Trip - Friday, May 13
  • Final Session - Friday, June 10
  • Graduation - Friday, June 10

For additional info on the program and requirements to consider before applying, please click the link below.

Leadership Steamboat

Quotes from Past Participants

"Although I grew up in Steamboat, Leadership Steamboat gave me a better understanding of my community and how I could get involved. In fact, Leadership Steamboat inspired me to apply (and was ultimately appointed) to the Steamboat Springs City Council. I also met many great people during Leadership Steamboat, who I continue to be in contact with today. One of my classmates I started a mastermind group with, others I continue to volunteer with for the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Impact Panel (our Leadership project), and another I hired as my accountant! I would highly encourage everyone to take part in Leadership Steamboat to benefit both themselves and the community." - Lisel Petis, Executive Director, Advocates Building Peaceful Communities

"I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Leadership Steamboat – Class of 2016-2017, sponsored by the Steamboat Springs Chamber. I highly recommend that anyone wanting to learn how our valley and community is so prized apply for the Leadership Steamboat. The Yampa Valley is a very complex organism and there are many moving parts that have to sync together. Leadership Steamboat shows how that is done. There is also a Leadership Training component of the Class from which all participants benefit. But most of all, there is the comradery and friendships that develop among the Class-mates. Indeed, a number of us still get together about monthly for a Happy Hour reunion. Leadership Steamboat is one of the very best things I have done since moving here in 2003." - James J. Moylan, Attorney

"Leadership Steamboat was an invaluable experience for me. The class strengthened my connection to this community that I love by giving us behind the scenes information about all the things that make Routt County such an amazing place to live. The things I learned and the relationships I built through Leadership Steamboat have benefitted me in my job, helped me to broaden my network, and given me a deep understanding of getting things done "Steamboat style." Leadership Steamboat was the launching point for much of my leadership in our community, including serving on the Editorial Board, joining the executive board of the First Impressions Early Childhood Council, and even running for office. I highly recommend Leadership Steamboat to anyone who wants to understand how to lead within our community." - Beth Melton, Routt County Commissioner 

2021 Leadership Class Project: Routt County Store and Share

Routt County Store & Share, a cooperative freezer storage that supports the needs of local ag producers. This project stemmed from the overwhelming need in our community to not only help producers store and distribute their products, but to also increase access to local food products. The class purchased a 40-foot commercial freestanding freezer that will provide 2,280 cubic feet of storage space. The unit will be made available to local producers as part of a cooperative. “We’ve identified storage as an issue for years,” said Todd Hagenbuch, extension agent and director at the Routt County Extension Office. “This project really has potential to be a game changer, because it allows us to slaughter those animals at the peak of meat quality, then have a well-preserved, quality product available to the consumer, whether that’s a restaurant or a private individual throughout the winter and well into the next summer.” Hagenbuch said storage has always been a big hurdle because cattle and other livestock are normally ready for slaughter at about the same time many meat processing operations shift to meet the demand of hunting season. The creation of Routt County Store and Share expands opportunities for local ag producers and increases access to local food.