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Do Steamboat Springs Right

We love sharing the beauty of our valley with visitors. Join us in protecting its natural environment and charm so it can be enjoyed for years to come. Here are some of our favorite ways we can protect this special place together!


Keep Wildlife Wild Learn More


Routt County is home to a large variety of animals big and small. It’s important to know ahead of time how to act appropriately around wild animals for both their safety and yours. 

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Practice Trail Etiquette Learn More

Practice Trail Etiquette

Stay on designated trails, park in proper areas, and observe street signage. 

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Ditch the Car Learn More

Ditch the Car

Trade in four wheels for two – or opt for no wheels at all. Use the 7-mile, paved Core Trail, take the free bus, or share a ride when possible.

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Respect Our Rivers Learn More

Respect Our Rivers

Care for our rivers by picking up after yourself, following angling rules, and being courteous!

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Leave No Trace Learn More

Leave No Trace

Care for Steamboat by following the 7 LNT principles that explain how to visit our special places responsibly.

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Be Wildfire Aware Learn More


The dry climate and warm temperatures provide a perfect atmosphere for exploring, but they can also create an environment that is susceptible to fire danger. Learn how to stay proactive and safe.  

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Know Before You Go Learn More


Whether you’re going camping, soaking in the hot springs, or heading out for a backcountry adventure make sure to do your research and learn about your destination before you get there. 

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Be Kind Learn More

Be Kind

Keep the Western hospitality and spirit of Steamboat alive. Practice patience and show kindness to employees who are busy making your trip special. Don’t forget to smile.

The Care for Colorado program is made up of a coalition of partners across the state that share important messaging about preserving and protecting our state’s natural resources. Steamboat Springs proudly promotes the sustainable goals of the state! 

The Care for Colorado program promotes seven principles for sustainability through carefully crafted messaging. The seven Care for Colorado principles are:

Know Before You Go

Stick To Trails

Leave It As You Find It

Trash the Trash

Be Careful With Fire

Keep Wildlife Wild

Share Our Parks & Trails