Blogger Courtney Allen, Steamboat Chamber Staff

At the risk of sounding hugely repetitive did I mention how amazing it is to ski in Steamboat? I would have to say that I experienced some pretty textbook ski days here in the Boat this past weekend. Sure, maybe we didn’t have any “fresh” powder but pockets of powder were still found in abundance, the sky was painted in Colorado’s infamous blue bird color and the sun warded off the chill from earlier in the week inviting everyone to ski until the chair lifts stopped running and so we did.

I threw another twist into the mix by strapping on a pair of skis instead of my usual snowboard and fell in love with a whole different way of getting down the mountain as myself and a group of six friends, skiers and boarders alike, made our way up and down pretty much every lift Steamboat has to offer. Thanks to my friend, I have now experienced the hidden gem that is the lookout lunch deck at Thunderhead Food Court at the top of the gondola. The view of the mountain and the entire Yampa Valley blanketed in snow was unexpected and breathtaking. It reminded me of the days when I first learned to ride in Switzerland, where a ski day was a social event, a ski hard, drink hard and laugh hard sort of a day.

Long runs down the Alps’ huge glaciers were always interspersed with long lunches on sunshine splashed decks, with old friends or the new friends you just met as you squeezed into a crowded table, cheer-sing as you sang along to “Heeeeeeeey! Heeeeeeeeey, Baby! Ooo! Ah! I wanna knoooooow-ow-ow if you’d be my girl!” that always seemed to be blasting over the speakers. Even our very own ski group for the day was pretty international: Some Americans, a few Australians and even a Dane made for some hilarious conversation, diverse perspectives, and lucky for me, some amazing skiing tips! As the day came to an end, we all wished it was just the beginning of the weekend so we could do it all over again, but lucky for us in just five days we can! Welcome to Steamboat Springs, Ski Town U.S.A!®