There's a unique thrill in conquering races that take us through stunning landscapes. The Steamboat Marathon, which runs through the heart of the Colorado Rockies, is a gem among such races. Beyond the challenge of the run itself, the marathon offers an opportunity to connect with nature, view multi-generational ranches, and experience rural Colorado at its best. For those passionate about preserving the environment, incorporating sustainable practices into your training and race day can make a significant impact. In this blog post, we'll share ways to reduce your carbon footprint during the Steamboat Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10K.



An easy way to reduce waste and your environmental footprint is to bring a refillable bottle or cup on race day. We’ll have eco-friendly cups along the racecourse, but there are also some pretty nifty ways to carry water these days. Check out your local running store for ideas and options. And while you’re sightseeing around town or lounging in your hotel, try the tap water- trust us, it’s delicious! Skip the single-use plastic bottles. Need a reusable bottle? Come by the Steamboat Springs Visitor Center and we’ll give you one for free.



Steamboat Marathon race day can see a huge temperature swing in just a few hours. For the full marathon, runners start at over 8,000 ft in elevation at 7:30 in the morning. And that means it’s cold! Plan to bring extra layers to warm up, then stash them in a reusable bag and we’ll drive it back down to the finish for you. We will have bag checks on race day to ensure your eco-friendly bag has a place to hang out while you run.

While you’re around town, be aware that stores in Steamboat Springs charge a fee for single-use bags. If you plan to check out the great shops downtown or fuel up at the grocery store, remember your reusable bag.



Several years ago, we cut back on the runner swag bags that were so common for many years. Instead of handing out plastic bags full of items that only some runners will use, our sponsors have a physical presence at the race and expo. Stop by to say hi and grab giveaways that you’ll use and skip the ones you won’t. But stop by and say hi anyway, because our sponsors are the best!



We all hate to see trash strewn across the course. Whether it’s snack wrappers, cups, or unused swag, be sure to find the nearest garbage or recycling bin to dispose of trash. We love where we live, and so does the wildlife with which we share this valley. Do your part to help protect the Yampa Valley by making that tiny extra effort to put your trash in a bin or a pocket.



You earned that race bib- keep it to remember your accomplishment. We’ve seen all kinds of creative uses for old bibs: wallpaper, quilts, t-shirts, bags, coasters…you get the idea. If you have an interesting way to reuse your bib, let us know! Use #steamboatmarathon and show it off.



When you donate to the Good Traveler Program, you're actively helping to offset the carbon footprint from your flight. These donations fund programs that support the Routt County Climate Action Plan, such as habitat restoration (wetlands, post-fire regeneration, and reforestation of riparian corridors), waste diversion, commercial and residential fuel-switching, energy assessments, deployment of renewable energy, and implementation of climate-friendly transportation solutions. Learn more here.


The Steamboat Marathon is not just a race; it's an opportunity to challenge yourself amidst breathtaking scenery while minimizing your ecological footprint. By incorporating eco-friendly practices into your training and race day routine, you can enjoy the thrill of the run while minimizing your impact on the environment. As responsible runners, let's lace up our shoes, embrace the beauty of Steamboat Springs, and run with sustainability in mind.

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