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There’s no denying, the summers in Colorado are breathtakingly beautiful. The dry climate and warm temperatures provide a perfect atmosphere for exploring our beautiful state, but they can also create an environment that is susceptible to fire danger. As we navigate through wildfire season in the

Tucked into a remote part of Northwest Colorado, Steamboat Springs is surrounded by wilderness and filled with adventure. Although there are many activities in which to indulge, backpacking is certainly one of the best ways to explore the area and get acquainted with the Yampa Valley. In the high

Rolling hills of aspen blanket the landscape in a sheet of green. Wildlife teams, only to be drowned out by the sound of rushing water. Numerous rivers and creeks shape the features of this land, however it’s my front tire that breaks ground… carving a path that cuts through the forest. Many

Even in the early week, Steamboat Locals are thinking about their next weekend endeavor. Dreams of casting a line, strapping on our hiking boots, or pitching a tent, dance in our head all work week long until Friday finally rolls around. The best part about summer in the Boat is outdoor hobbies are

A dry summer here in Steamboat led to a nearly month-long fire ban in Routt County. However, due to recent rains, like the showers we had last night, the fire ban that was put in effect on July 10th was lifted this morning much to the relief of Routt County camping enthusiasts.

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