My story is more like a anthology. I am a totally crazy, funky, but still sane after all these years.(59 OF THEM). I am married to a "Criminal Court Judge" in Miami, Florida and his brother has a place here and we come often. I have been coming for 6 years now and everytime I am here I wonder why I still live in Miami. It is a beautiful city but the level of humanity there is a 2 compared to Steamboat's 10. We come here to really "chill"!!!!

I toured with Van Halen for two years and when I was younger I was married to Phill Hartman (of SNL fame)Not many people know this, he was more than a comedian. He also deigned album covers for America, Poco, Neil Young and others. His last wife murdered him then shot herself. He was a fabulous guy. He was the first person I ever skied with in Mammoth, Ca. (We weren't too nuts, we went off The Cornice"....

Here I am just slightly tamer.I do groomed blacks and occasionally climb up to North St. Pat's. I am sure all the remnants of the 60's have never left my body. (no I am not ravaged or a "burn out"), just nuts and fun. I live in Camo here and in Miami.(it's more fun here).

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