My friend Audré and I spent the beginning of our Fourth of July weekend at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series among the cowboys, horses, cows and true western ambiance. Both dressed the part of cowgirls with our fashionable western boots (mine brown and green, Audré’s black), plaid shirts and cowboy hats we hooted and hollered as we cheered on participants in all events. My personal favorite events are the Calf Scramble and Ram Scramble where kids gather in the arena, the calf (or a gentle sheep) is let out into the arena and the kids chase it to grab the ribbon off its tail. The winner of this event receives a gift certificate for a pair of Wrangler children’s jeans. The Calf Scramble is for kids 6-12 years old and the Ram Scramble is for kids under 5 years old. My other favorite event at the Steamboat Springs Pro Rodeo Series is women’s Barrel Racing. As the second to last event and the only women specific event, I have such a fun time yelling as loud as I can, cheering for the riders to maneuver the 3 barrels at lightening speed. More often than not, I have no voice after this event. =) We met up with a bachelorette party celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of the women. The group was six women strong with shirts reading, “Kristen’s Last Rodeo” with a drawing of a cowboy boot on the front. Classic. Happy Western Wednesday!

Blogger, Molly Killien, Chamber Staff Member