Guest blogger: Paulette Thomas New Steamboat Springs Resident Chamber Staff Member

Hooray, the mountain is open! I’m ready to hit the slopes. Well, almost ready. I’ve got the perfect snowboarding outfit that I found on sale, I have beanies, gloves and goggles. Now all I need to figure out is what boots, board and bindings I think I’ll need for the seasons to come.  My first inclination was to buy my own equipment. After some comparison shopping it looks like it would be a $600 investment leaving me feeling a bit tentative. What if I make the wrong choice or discover I want something different later on? With all these questions floating around in my head, I've decided to rent for the season instead.

It turns out that renting equipment is the perfect solution for the wary winter sports enthusiast. I can try something out and if I don’t like it I can switch it for something better. With so many new options to choose from how can anyone just starting out make an informed decision without truly trying out a few first. Even better, I found a season rental package for only $149! No commitment, no regrets.

Visit our business directory to find many great places in town to rent your equipment!

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