Blogger, Meagan Coates, Chamber Staff Member As part of the New Year’s resolution tradition, I decided to attempt to check off something that has been lingering (delete forever) on my bucket list: run a half marathon. I didn’t realize at the time what a huge commitment this would be. Staying in running shape during the epic Steamboat winter was quite a task…let’s just say I did a lot of “cross training” (read: skiing). A printed 13.1 note on my computer was a daily reminder to lace up and I remained focused thanks to a great training plan from my younger brother (he’s an ironman).

Just eight weeks ago I could hardly run for 30 minutes but Sunday I ran 12 miles which meant that I was running for about two hours straight. Seriously?! Yep. I did it. And it didn’t even hurt that much.

I have 20 more days to taper off on my workouts and then put myself to the test. Just thinking about the gorgeous landscape of the Elk River valley I am more excited than fearful. I am anticipating a great crowd at the event with tons of positive mojo and I can already say that I am so glad I decided to “join the herd” for the 2010 Steamboat Half Marathon. Eat that, bucket list!