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Respect the Yampa Valley

The Yampa Valley is a place steeped in adventure, iconic landscapes, and genuinely friendly people. And this doesn’t come without hard work! We are dedicated to taking care of our resources, rivers, trails, and those who love Steamboat Springs. Learn how you can join us in respecting the Yampa Valley on your next visit.

Trail Etiquette

There are endless miles of trails in the Yampa Valley perfect for biking, hiking, and trail running. In order to maintain these trails each year, we ask all users to do their part in taking care of them. Stick to all designated trails to keep our natural environment thriving. Once on the trail, be sure to know your right of way and check all signage to understand yields. Be mindful of trail conditions during different seasons and aware of your surroundings that will most likely include wildlife! 

Downtown Etiquette

As a small town, we take care of each other, which means crossing at specified intersections, observing speed limits through town, and parking in designated areas.  Be sure to respect the guidelines of all shops and restaurants while in town, along with the people who work there! Finally, don’t forget that many of our buildings are historical, and we work hard to keep them beautiful year-round.

River Etiquette

The Yampa River is the life of our valley and runs through the heart of downtown Steamboat Springs. With the river comes plenty of fun that includes tubing, kayaking, rafting, fishing and so much more! Before you hit the river, be sure to understand the guidelines for the activities you are enjoying. This includes rules set in place by the City of Steamboat Springs and the Department of Wildlife in order to keep the river healthy and clean.