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A Message to Leadership Steamboat Class 2023/24 Applicants

Thank you for your interest in participating in Leadership Steamboat. Leadership Steamboat is designed for leaders who want to increase their impact in their organization and their community.

If you are selected to participate, we are confident that you will have one of the most enriching, engaging, and inspiring experiences of your business career. Not only will you gain valuable insights and skills, but you will also forge lifelong connections with other civic-minded individuals in our community. Together, we will explore the exceptional aspects of our community and tackle the challenges we face, creating a stronger and more vibrant Steamboat Springs.

Leadership Steamboat selection is a competitive process. If you are not invited to participate in this class, please do not be discouraged. We encourage you to apply again the following year.

To increase your chances of selection, it is important that you complete your application fully, thoughtfully, and submit it on time. We want to understand your motivations, aspirations, and how you envision contributing to the program and our community.

We look forward to reviewing your application and appreciate your desire to participate in the Leadership Steamboat experience.



Sarah Leonard, CEO Steamboat Springs Chamber & Leadership Facilitator

Angelica Salinas, Director of Membership & Engagement & Leadership Facilitator