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Women's Summit Virtual Session Topics

September - November 

Kathryn Pedersen - September 14

“First-Time Homebuyer Loans – Can I actually purchase a home in this market?”
This session will cover mortgage options for those wanting to purchase their own piece of the Yampa Valley. Mortgage lending is complicated but we will break down the steps and demystify the process so you feel confident as you approach a purchase. We will also review common mortgage misconceptions. Attendees will leave with tools, to-dos, program knowledge and potential next steps so that they are ready to move ahead with their purchase.

Randi Owens - September 22

"Working on My Fit-ness: How to leverage culture to be or to get the right hire”
Hiring has become a stressful and often discouraging situation for many employers today, especially in the Valley. What employers are just now learning is something that job-seekers have already known and been experiencing for some time: the job market is tough. So how do you shift gears with recruiting to make sure you are pursuing the right candidates in what feels like a hiring drought? How do you, as a job-seeker, leave the interview feeling like you left nothing on the table? In this 45 minute session, Randi will help address both sides of the dilemma by giving practical advice for employers and job-seekers alike. Hint: Technical ability is not the only asset to be prioritizing when it comes to recruiting. This is actually great news for recruiters and candidates alike!

Mary Hendra - September 29

"Building Community in Virtual and In-person Settings”
Conversations that matter happen in environments which have been deliberately set up to build trust, invite honest reflection, and strengthen connections between people. This is particularly important - and powerful - when the people attending have a variety of experiences, expectations, and opinions. In this workshop learn key elements which build community in order to have those important conversations: choosing formats and tools that match your goal(s), creating space which invites reflective participation, and a few tech tips to move beyond the (potentially empty) video squares of virtual meetings.

Lizzie Larock - October 5

"Permission to Be Human: The keys to resilience and emotional flexibility
We all get triggered in our day to day lives. We can feel frustrated, irritated, overwhelmed, sad and exhausted. In fact, it's natural and normal to experience a wide range of emotions, and our difficult emotions have plenty to teach us. However, when we stay stuck for too long, we languish instead of flourish in life. When we learn how to give ourselves permission to be fully human, we can tap into our inherent resilience to overcome the difficulties with more ease. In this workshop, positive-psychology based coach and creator of The Life Feast, Lizzie Larock, will show you how to prioritize the positive in your life without stuffing down the negative (no toxic positivity, here) to become more emotionally flexible. You’ll learn research-based tips for how to notice, name and navigate difficult emotions, and you’ll leave with a 2-minute toolbox for amping up the good, getting unstuck from challenges, and destressing your stress.

Sarah Coleman - October 19

"Become Your Own Superhero: Reconnecting with our authentic self"
In this session, we will reconnect with some creative fun and a little movement by honoring ourselves and giving ourselves credit as the superheroes we already authentically are.  We will build ourselves up to create the best version of ourselves through a fun activity about becoming your own SUPERHERO - think capes, theme song, mentors, and of course your own physical and mental health!  SUPER FUN - very interactive! :) You will leave feeling confident, with the tools to implement more creativity and play into your life. You will feel like a rockstar and superhero, capable of being the best version of you, for yourself and others.

Dr. Anna Lundeen - October 28

“How Nutrition Can Help Balance Your Hormones”
Together, we will explore how powerful nutrition can be when it comes to balancing hormones.  From caffeine and alcohol to healthy fats, you can make a difference in your health through the foods you choose.  Keeping your insulin and blood sugar levels stable is crucial to achieving overall balance, and we will discuss some key tips to get you started.

Joanne Schell - Novermber 2

“4 Steps to Creating Healthy Habits You’ll Actually Practice"
Joanne Schell, a multi-certified wellness counselor, will show you in 4 easy steps, how to create long-lasting, easy-to-implement, healthy habits that fit your unique lifestyle. 
1. Learn what it takes to achieve different levels of health and physique
2. Accommodate your lifestyle and personality
3. Make change easy by using behavioral science 
4. Build habits that deliver lasting results

This session will walk you through each step in this process by asking key questions, digging deep into your motivations for health and showing you simple, straightforward techniques for building sustainable wellness practices. 

The session will wrap up with a Q&A so she can answer all of your nutritional questions. You’ll also receive a code at the end of the session that will allow you to take Joanne’s course: The Nexus of Whole Health and Inner Peace for free!

Marci Mattox - November 9

“Midlife Transitions: Easing Through Changes with Grace”
How did this happen? The years have flown by and all of a sudden our kids are almost grown, our parents are aging and we don’t recognize our own bodies! Join me as we discover this amazing second half of life and how to embrace it with enthusiasm! We will be doing a deep dive into the best exercise, nutrition and self-care habits for women in their 40s and 50s. Let’s reinvent how we look at "Middle Age" and how to do it with grace. 

Laura Cusenbary - November 16

"Women and Wealth: A clear(er) view to retirement" 
Informative and educational, Women and Wealtht addresses the challenges faced by women as they look for investment opportunities. Key learnings include the fundamentals of investing and the best ways to get started.