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Keynote Sessions

Climbing Beyond Our Limits

Lori Schneider

Lori Schneider is an international speaker, author, teacher, Everest and ‘Seven Summits’ mountaineer, adventurer, and global advocate for those living with neurological disorders and disabilities. During this Keynote, attendees will hear Lori’s inspirational message to climb beyond their limits. Her program includes photos and stories from all Seven Summits climbs, video clips and journal readings from Everest. Key messages include overcoming the barriers we all face in life and climbing beyond our own preconceived limitations. It's a message of hope, self-empowerment, and the power of women. Attendees will be encouraged to make a difference in their own communities through positive involvement, leadership roles, and believing in themselves and their dreams. Lori’s message reminds us to dream BIG, take a leap of faith, and believe in the unbelievable. Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things! Climb beyond your limits…


You’ve Got the Power! Using Positivity and Gratitude to Thrive

Melanie Mills

How are you doing?  I mean really, how are you? Amid living through a pandemic, technological changes that are avalanching on our heads, and increased expectations about our performance, we are still human beings. We can thrive and navigate it all, we just need to remember how. It’s not complicated, but sometimes we forget. This is a session of remembering. Remembering little things that have a big impact. Remembering the wisdom of your heart. Remembering it is easier than you think it is. You will walk away with a fresh perspective, tools that make a difference, simple reminders on some things you already know, and easy ways to thrive. 



Workshop Sessions

How Appreciative Inquiry Can Change Your Team Dynamic

Brenda Abdilla

Let's face it—nearly every issue in the workplace boils down to a communication issue. It's almost like we are speaking a different language. As a certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Brenda will teach you how to easily bring appreciative inquiry into your communication and get immediate, positive results. You will learn to give feedback in a way that people actually change their behaviors, understand the neuroscience of conversation and how to use it, deal with generational differences in your communication, activate the brain of your team—instead of simply solving problems for them, and how to delegate more effectively by changing your approach. Each participant will receive Brenda's Appreciative Inquiry Cheat Sheet to take back to work.

Discover Your Personal Brand

Cynthia Banks

Women typically hold many different positions and roles and have a multitude of skills and interests. It’s not always easy to clearly communicate “who” we are so that others “get” our abilities and focus. Not sure where to start? In this session, we'll create a clear message about “who you are” to elevate discussion, open opportunity, and strengthen your professional impact. Join Cynthia to start the process of building your personal value proposition.

Creating a Health & Wellness Vision

Alex Mathisen

Creating a health and wellness vision will focus your attention and energy so that you can live your best life. Learn the science behind vision boarding, how to create and keep new habits, and understand how your past experiences can help you on your journey.  We will discuss neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change and adapt due to experience, and how this relates to visualization and manifestation. This workshop will be a mix of discussion and hands-on activities. What are you waiting for? Take the leap and join Alex on this journey of self-discovery and exploration.


Taking Charge of Your Career

Diane Muntean

You deserve to create a life – and a career – that you passionately love!  Take charge of your career by creating a vision for your ideal career and developing a plan to make that vision a reality. In this session, you will learn the seven steps of career planning, starting with creating a mindset of self-responsibility that moves your career from chance to choice.  Diane will help you open up to new career possibilities, explore your unique abilities and understand the role of your career in the context of your larger life. You will leave with a roadmap to guide you in career planning, tools to help you understand yourself and connect with people who can help you, and techniques to keep you motivated along the way.



Breakout Sessions

Play Your Way to Flow

Acey Holmes

Flow is an often-sought phenomenon of peak performance and experience. Flow can be experienced by individuals and by teams, and research shows it happens most often to the average adult at work. The neuroscience supports flow as a path to improved creativity (over 500% increase), productivity (at least 21% for teams), learning (up to 230% faster!), and even joy. Join Acey in this fun and interactive breakout exploring how to get into flow and experience increased energy, empathy, focus, happiness, motivation and so much more.


Tinesha Ross: A Story of Resilience & Determination

Tinesha Ross

What do you get when you combine unmatched intelligence, tragic opportunities, and peerless resilience? This formula can only produce a person like Tinesha Ross. Growing up, Tinesha and her family experienced abject poverty that left her unable to meet basic financial needs and a home filled with traumatic domestic violence. One night, when she was just 9 years old, she awoke to a tragic fire that claimed the life of her mother, and seriously injured her brother. In the wake of this unimaginable tragedy, Tinesha struggled but never quit. She realized that in life there is no testimony without a test. Even after being told to set "realistic" goals by a high school leader, Tinesha recovered her childhood, took control, and dedicated her life to science. Her fierce ingenuity translated to a groundbreaking career as a rocket scientist, including extensive accomplishments, most notably, an instrumental hand in successfully launching the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover into space and onto the surface of the planet. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and walk away motivated and inspired to elevate your life to a new level.


Listening: A Leader’s Superpower

Laura Rust

In the dynamic, ever-changing, and noise-filled world we live in today, listening is a leadership skill that exceeds all others in helping us live a meaningful, impactful, and happy life. Honing our ability to listen in a generous and productive way changes the game - in our careers, at home, and beyond. When we think about listening, we often think about how we listen to others and while this is certainly a part of it, effective leadership through listening requires that we first establish a deep listening within ourselves. You will leave this session with a better understanding of the default filters through which you listen, a set of new filters, tools to better understand yourself and others, a set of questions to reveal important information and create solutions, and a clearer sense of what you should say yes and no to. It’s possible to be true to yourself and see the best in others, even in life’s most challenging and sticky situations. You can shift your whole experience of life and gain access to brand-new possibilities through your own listening, starting today.


The Power of You

Meredith Van Ness

In this breakout, participants will discover how to reconnect with their true selves, moving forward with confidence and purpose. You will discuss myths and facts about confidence and refine what confidence means, also examining the role self-doubt plays within it. The breakout places a strong emphasis on defining personal values and understanding how to live in alignment with these principles. It involves the exploration of individual strengths, which serve as the building blocks for enhancing self-assurance and nurturing unwavering self-confidence. Attendees will also gain insights into the concept of both self-care and self-compassion and its pivotal role in cultivating self-trust. In addition, you will delve into the significance of maintaining a positive self-dialogue and embracing empowering mantras, all aimed at unlocking the potential within each individual and inspiring daily action.


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