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Women's Summit Session Topics


Nicole DeBoom

“Under the Skirt: Lessons from the inventor of the Running Skirt”
We are born to build things. To move forward. To grow. What happens when those things we nurture end? How do we let them go and move forward even if it's the last thing we want to do? Nicole shares the story of the business she painstakingly built, one skirt at a time & how letting go forced her to reframe what was most important in her life. Listeners will walk away with a new perspective on letting go, tactics on how to let go in a way that aligns with their values and strategies on how to move forward, including a little self-rediscovery bonus.

Molly Cuffe

“Elevate to Advocate”
The conference is over, and it’s time to put it all together. In this session, Molly will share her journey from ski lift operator to corporate business executive.  Along the way, she’ll highlight key learnings and how you, too, can take what you’ve learned to create actionable steps that elevate your story and advocate for yourself in a way that helps propel you to the next level in your journey.

Breakout Sessions

Jessie Ollier 

"Realize success beyond your imagination by serving the achievement of individual dreams
When was the last time you went on vacation without your phone and computer? It is time to develop teams that show up and make it happen, with us, and without us. Jessie’s biggest fear was maternity leave and her greatest accomplishment as a leader was revealed on maternity leave. Her team showed up every day, did the work, and moved mountains for her company. This session comes from her heart and is in service of your next vacation and the achievement of goals beyond your dreams.

The success of every company depends on the health, clarity, and capacity of its collective contributors. So many leaders find themselves in a battle striving to motivate, inspire, and manage teams that are distracted and disengaged. This leaves leaders questioning their abilities, struggling with imposter syndrome, investing in costly solutions that do not address the real issues, and getting sand in their keyboards.

This high-energy session is designed to provide powerful coaching tools to wake your people up and move them to action! Behind every amazing team, there is a leader who knows how to ignite the vision, mission and guiding principles of each player on the team. Jessie is bringing a life-changing exercise that will allow you to guide yourself and your team members to clarity in vision, value, and a strategic plan of achievement, as well as develop a culture of players ready to take your company beyond your dreams.

Jennifer Doe

"The Power of NO: Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries"
For many of us who grew up being socialized as girls and women, saying “no” and asserting boundaries can feel very unfamiliar and may even come with tremendous guilt. We are the nurturers, the caretakers, and often the chief operations officers in our homes and families. In our professional lives, we strive to be liked and respected, which is sometimes thought to be synonymous with keeping quiet and avoiding conflict. For women-identified individuals, being assertive may be seen as “bossy” or “abrasive”. We have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously and to get ahead in the professional world, so we try to play a “man’s game”, pulling long hours and stretching ourselves thin, while also managing the responsibilities of home life and family, whatever shape that might take. We face sexism at every turn, and for women holding other intersecting marginalized identities, this is only compounded. 

This session will explore the importance of setting boundaries on our time, energy, and bodies, both with ourselves and others. We will discuss techniques that we can use to be assertive and professional when setting boundaries, and strategies for sticking to them. By the end of this session, participants will feel empowered to set healthy boundaries and have more control of their choices to let those boundaries lapse when circumstances necessitate it. Putting our own needs and desires first isn’t always easy, but we must remember that saying “no” to one thing creates space to say “yes” to something else. What is it that YOU want to say “yes” to?

Tina Harkness

“How to Handle Tough Conversations at Work”
No one likes to have tough conversations at work. Yet sometimes they are necessary. In this session, we will discuss how conflict is not always a bad thing, and when conflict can even be constructive. The session will provide some do's and don'ts and you will leave with the tools necessary to prepare for tough conversations at work.

Lizzie Larock

“Perfectly Imperfect: Getting out of your own way by embracing your FLAWesomeness"
Perfectionism - it’s one of those pretend characteristics that sounds like an admirable quality in a person, but isn’t. As Elizabeth Gilbert says, “Perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes.” Perfectionism stresses us out, burns us out and holds us back. Whether or not you call yourself a perfectionist or your perfectionism is hiding behind fixed mindsets or procrastination, we’re all swimming in a perfectionistic culture. If you’re ready to call BS on your perfectionistic brain and stop procrastinating your dreams into the next decade, then join positive-psychology coach and creator of The Life Feast, Lizzie Larock, for this informative (and irreverent!) session. You will gain insights into why perfectionism is so alluring, how to finally follow through on perfectionistic fantasies, and talk back to your inner mean girl once and for all. You’ll see why staying “safe” is actually pretty dangerous and be inspired to live life perfectly imperfectly.

Robin Schepper

“Building your Career with Intention”
Join speaker and trainer, Robin Schepper, to delve into an interactive and participatory session about building your career with intention. Topics to cover include creating career goals and a vision for the future; developing the skills, confidence and knowledge to move forward; nurturing mentors; building professional networks; and reaching back to help others move on their paths.

Via Health Collective

"How Bumpy is Your Ride: Exploring your health journey”
An interactive session exploring Deep Health. What IS Deep Health? It is much more than Nutrition and Exercise. It is ALL of you. Think Personal Growth, Mental/Emotional Health, Relationships, Spirituality, Money, Physical Environment, Fun & Recreation! By using the Wellness Wheel, you will rate your own level of satisfaction in all areas of your life. We will help you discover what is out of balance and how you can make your ride smoother by setting SMART Goals and achieving them, one small step at a time.

Lesley Mumford

"Building Your Resiliency by Incorporating Self-Care into Your Goals"
We’ve all heard of self-care, but do we actually know what it is, what we hope to get out of it, and when we are doing it?  Lesley shares her story from upwardly mobile perfectionist to rock bottom and unemployed.  It took falling to get back up again.  Getting back up again required self-care that worked in the real world.  Participants will work on creating meaningful definitions of self-care, and personal and professional goal-setting inclusive of self-care.

Keely Pemberton

"How to Avoid Burnout" 
Burnout is sneaky. Between our work, family and social lives, it's easy to find ourselves run down, stressed out and over-extended. Our mental and emotional resources slowly become depleted without us even realizing it...and before we know it, we're exhausted, unmotivated, sleep deprived, and irritated. Learn how to balance your nutrition, mindfulness and movement routines to help revitalize your life as well as tips to support others during difficult times to avoid burnout.