In my mind there is nothing more brilliant than waking up to a peaceful world of fluffy snow. The winter storm that has been hovering over the Front Range the past few days has finally made it to Steamboat. Watching as perfect flakes swirl outside my office window it’s almost as if the storm is celebrating its homecoming, taking pleasure in greeting the familiar trees and ground and tumbling down the slopes of the mountain painting the brown ground with a refreshing coat of  white. Despite having speny many winters whizzing down groomed slopes and powder packed trees alike, I have never lived full time during winter in a mountain town. I am so excited to be here in Steamboat for my first experience.

There is something magical about sitting in my hot tub at night looking out on the town below and dreaming about all the fun filled days of snowshoeing, snow ball fights, and exhilarating days on the slopes that lie ahead, then remembering it’s all within five minutes of my home. Here in Colorado, it can be easy to take this for granted. Moving here has given me a revived sense of appreciation for all that winter has to offer. I invite you to come and play.

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