The incredibly fun and truly authentic Winter Carnival is next week (February 2-6) and I’m starting to get super excited for it! You see, not only is the five-day event jam packed with unique events; Winter Carnival marks my five year anniversary of living in Steamboat.

Winter Carnival

I remember driving into town in February 2006 to a bunch of snow sculptures.  I still joke that Steamboat is so welcoming the town lined Lincoln Avenue with snow art to welcome me!  Now I know that high school students come up with designs based on a selected theme and gather in teams to sculpt away at the snow blocks.  I still love to drive through town during the day as the students work and then later walk Lincoln to see what they created.

My Top 5 Events (no particular order):

1)      Dual Slalom Bicycle Race- This event is burly and action-packed.  Steamboat is gaining popularity in the summer with its single-track trails, and the snow isn’t stopping mountain bikers from taking their bikes on-snow to race down the face of Howelsen Hill.

2)      Pro Alpine Ski Flying- If you’ve seen ski jumping on TV and watched in awe, you have to see it in person to truly understand how high the skier jumps and how far and fast they go.

3)      Street Events- The fun events take place on Saturday and Sunday morning on a snow lined Lincoln Avenue and feature children on skis and snowboards being pulled behind horses, along with non-horse races which spectators can participate in.

4)      Saturday Night Extravaganza- Torchlight parade, the Lighted Man, fiery hoop jumpers, and a firework display which rivals any other. Steamboat loves a good light show!

5)      What’s your favorite event?

Visit for the full Winter Carnival schedule.

Guest Blogger: Michelle Krasilinec PR Manager, Steamboat Springs Chamber