I hope everyone enjoyed their St. Patty’s Day.  I had some delicious corn beef and cabbage and can’t wait to make some amazing Reuben’s with the leftovers!!  Looking at the paper I am very excited to see the temperatures going up all the way into the 50’s. I heard some birds chirping this morning, the true signs that springs is just around the corner.

I have been obsessed with the snow report lately checking it religiously in the morning.   Only being inches away from a record breaking year, I think we should plan a mass snow dance.  I have no doubt that we will break the record but I want to crush it!

The skiing, as you would guess from an almost record breaking year has been great!!  The NASTAR Races finished up this weekend with lots of happy, smiling racers and families.  I stopped by the courses this weekend and was so impressed with the racers.  It was really neat to see so many people from all around the country that had come to Steamboat with so many different goals whether it was to have fun, set a personal record or meet new people who share the same passions.

All this talk of snow and skiing, I am off to enjoy the day.  See you on the slopes!!