While Steamboat Springs athletes soar through the air and glide across the snow in Sochi, Russia at the 22nd Winter Olympics, the storied town where they learned how to do it all will be celebrating the history of skiing culture here in Ski Town USA.

The 101st Winter Carnival is a tradition steeped in Western heritage and rife with opportunities for fun in the snow for all. This year’s Winter Carnival celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, which trains little rippers from the first days they can walk all the way up through their Olympic dreams.

Join us February 5 to 9, for a wild weekend of light spectacles, displays of skiing skills and a community coming together for a completely unique tradition. Yes, there’s a parade, but have you ever seen one done on snow down main street? Or better yet, a marching band on skis? Up here, carnivals are just a little different.

The Street Events

The can't-miss Street Events entail children being pulled by local ranching horses at breakneck speed down snow-covered main street. Kiddos can participate in the Three-legged Race and the Daddy Dash - so bring your sleds! Even man’s best friend can join the action in the highly entertaining Doggy Dash down Lincoln Avenue.


On Friday evening, after a day of watching Nordic ski jumping, snow bike races, and a vintage ski race & fashion show, take to your favorite cozy restaurant or bar to watch the opening ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics where several Steamboat stars will be appearing.

Night Extravaganza

On Saturday at the Night Extravaganza, Howelsen Hill is lit up with colors as Winter Sports Club athletes flip through the air through fiery hoops while others descend down the mountain carrying torches outlining perfect ski turns.


The last down the mountain is always the glowing Lighted Man with fireworks shooting out of his backpack. His descent means the fireworks show is moments away, so be sure to find a great view.

Now get up here!

Celebrate Steamboat's Olympic heritage, the Sochi Olympic athletes, the 100th anniversary of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, and the sheer joy of skiing with the Winter Carnival this year.