Blogger: Courtney Allen, Steamboat Chamber Staff

I was extremely excited today to head to One Steamboat Place to present our Spurs On Service program to some of their fabulous employees. As I walked into the lobby, my mouth literally fell open in awe at beauty I saw before me. Plush couches and chairs in beautiful colors and patterns, exclusive artwork, blazing fire places and a seemingly endless ceiling instantly transforms you into a world of Steamboat luxury. As I was toured through the massive, yet oh-so-cozy, members-only lounge I was blown away by the attention to detail of each piece of pottery, each book that was selected to live on the coffee tables for members to browse through, and the richness of the floors created with wood recovered from dilapidated barns. Nothing made more of a statement, however, then the magnificent chandelier hanging from the lounge’s ceiling, a swirling school of amber-colored glass fish, each hand blown making each one their own unique piece of art.

The units themselves, 80 in total, continue to take you on a journey into another world. The décor is perfection, bringing in the feeling of the west but polishing off the look with a style that is indescribably chic. Owners will find themselves in a state of bliss as they lounge on couches that you literally sink into, plush beds with pillows galore and sprawling bathrooms. Let’s not forget the beautiful views that can be taken in from the balcony or one of the many windows in each unit. At the end of the day owners can head down to the wine room where they can have a glass of wine from their own collections that can be sent ahead of their stay and stored in their very own wine locker or enjoy dinner at one of the up and coming restaurants that will open in the next few months. One Steamboat Place is truly a treat and is an undeniable combination of the best of Steamboat: atmosphere, class and good ‘ole fashion fun. Go and see for yourself!

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