“Where are you folks from?” is a chairlift conversation-starter that I never tire of.  It’s so much fun to meet people from all over the world and I look forward to saying “I live in Steamboat” when it’s my turn.  More often than not, the response I hear is “Wow! You’re so lucky!” In fact, though, I consciously decided to make the move to Steamboat, and am very glad I did. I think many of the folks I talk with could make the move, too, and enjoy the amazing quality of life here in the Yampa Valley, because the live-work balance here is so incredible.

a rainbow fills the sky over downtown Steamboat Springs

Many people move to Steamboat as active retirees, but many move here to pursue careers. We have a diversity of employment opportunities and a supportive entrepreneurial climate. Tourism-related businesses are a key component of the local economy – and there’s much more. Consider outdoor product companies like Hala and Big Agnes that are headquartered in Steamboat Springs, or Deer Park Road Corporation, one of the country’s larger hedge funds, that also calls Steamboat home. A growing number of residents are “location neutral” which means they are able to work from anywhere and choose Steamboat as the place they want to work, play and raise their families.

Hahns Peak in the Fall

The communities of Routt County are friendly, small towns. I found it easy to make friends and become involved in civic activities. And, of course, I enjoy all the outdoor activities, arts and culture, events, shops and dining that visitors enjoy.  Every day I marvel at this place, the beauty that it offers, and thank my lucky stars that I made the decision to move here.

Is it time to chart a new course in your own life? Considering a move to Steamboat Springs would be a worthy endeavor! Check out our Steamboat Springs Relocation Guide for more info!