Have you ever seen the movie A River Runs Through It?

Made 1992, this Robert Redford film about two fly-fishing sons of a minister growing up in rural Montana is one of the most scenic movies I have ever seen. This morning here in Steamboat Springs I swear I could have been on that movie set. While filming a segment for a video about Steamboat Springs, I was on the Yampa River this morning helping our videographer and two contributors shoot a segment on fly-fishing. The combination of the brisk fall morning air, the calming sounds of the river, the warm, vivid colors of the fall foliage in the background and the morning light making the atmosphere seem almost surreal made the shoot this morning an experience I will not soon forget. I am not a fly-fisher nor am I very good with early mornings, but seeing these two young men fishing in such beautiful surroundings literally took my breath away.