It is now officially cruiser season in Steamboat Springs. That’s right folks, summer is just about upon us, and there are more cruisers zipping around town than every before. Here’s 20 reasons why YOU should bike starting today:

  1. you don’t have to buy gas – this should be reason enough!
  2. cleaning your windshield is as easy as blinking
  3. wearing bike accessories makes your fashion distinctive
  4. what a great excuse to get to wear neon (and/or spandex)
  5. people admire your dedication
  6. you remind the drivers around you to pay attention
  7. people think you’re sporty even if you’re not
  8. bikes come in more colors than cars
  9. you never have to worry about parking availability again!
  10. you can’t lock your keys inside of a bike
  11. you are way more likely to stop and smell the roses
  12. arrive at work refreshed and ready to contribute
  13. cold temperatures locally make biking more comfortable, not less
  14. breaks aren’t mysterious and are easy to repair
  15. you are more likely to wear comfortable shoes
  16. make the Core Trail your new freeway
  17. become thankful for red lights instead of being angry at them
  18. remove the temptation to answer and talk on your phone
  19. improve your coordination by breaking while hand-signaling (you may not be ready for this one)
  20. help people cost share when you carpool to an event or dinner date