Think you’re ready for our Steamboat OktoberWest® fall beer festival, nestled here in the Rocky Mountains in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and blanketed by golden aspen trees and sunny evenings? Well, make sure you know your ABCs first:

A is for Amputator IPA, an American IPA from new Steamboat brewery Butcherknife Brewing.  Colorado Nugget hops added at the beginning of boil and Centennial hops added throughout – with a big malt backbone – give this delicious IPA a great balance.

B is for beef. This Western town has plenty of it and the I Love Beef Cook-Off will balance perfectly with that fall ale in your hand.

C is for Colorado, from where 28 of OktoberWest’s 29 breweries hail.

D is for dunkelweisen, a German dark wheat ale perfect for a fall day. Find some at Storm Peak Brewing’s tent, one of Steamboat’s newest brewhouses.

E is for experimental. As one of the country’s top craft-brewing states , Colorado is known to turn out some strange brews evoking flavors like chocolate, pumpkin, and even some gluten-free brews.

F is for family. Bring them all. It’s not just about beer at OktoberWest: there will be a mechanical bull, games for all and a cool creek in which to wade and splash.

G is for growler.  No, not an animal that snarls at you; it’s a large beer bottle creating a great way to take home  local brew from Butcherknife, Mahogany Ridge or Storm Peak Brewing.

H is for hops, one of the main ingredients in beer and a word known to induce mouth-watering word for IPA lovers.

I is for IBU, a beer term meaning “international bitterness units.” If you love hoppy beers, your IBU range might be anywhere from 50 to 70, but if lagers are more you’re style you’ll be down in the 10 to 20 range.

J is for jaunt – take a stroll around downtown on Friday, Sept. 19 for the Suds N Grub event to sample beers and paired foods.

K is for krug, the actual term used in Germany for a beer stein. You’ll get your very own commemorative krug with your beer garden ticket at OktoberWest.

L is for leaves. Mid-September usually means peak colors for the aspens, cottonwoods, sagebrush and more, meaning you’ll be reveling in the midst of a colorful mountain wonderland.

M is for Mountain Tap Brewery a local’s favorite with light and tasty brews and food good enough to tear you away from the festival.

N is for natural beauty, which will surround you throughout the Oktoberwest festival at the base of Steamboat Springs and while you explore downtown and surrounding areas.

O is for OktoberWest, Steamboat’s 6th annual beer festival taking place from 2 to 6 p.m. at the base of Steamboat Ski Area. The annual downtown Suds N Grub crawl and tasting is Friday evening at 5 p.m.


P is for pyramids. Did you know that Egyptian pyramid workers were paid with beer? About a gallon a day.

Q is for quaff. Here’s a new word with which to impress your friends: it means to drink in deeply and heartily.

R is for Rocky Mountains, which will serve as the backdrop of OktoberWest – rising from Steamboat Ski Area all the way up to the Continental Divide.

S is for Shemekia Copeland, a Grammy nominated singer who will put a little blues in your brews.

B Shemekia_Photo by Sandrine Lee_61

T is for tee time. Haymaker Golf Course, Rollingstone Golf Club and the Steamboat Golf Club are all open and a fall round is the perfect way to round out the weekend.


U is for the Umbrella Bar, the perfect watering hole located right next to the OktoberWest grounds and serving up refreshing drinks with stunning views.

V is for vistas. Take the gondola to the top of Steamboat Ski Area and the view will take your breath away. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Wyoming.

W is for western. With a ranching heritage that still lives on today, Steamboat Springs’ authenticity shines while putting the West in OktoberWest.

horses_ken lee_lifetime

X is for X-treme. You name it – we’ve got it. Drops for you to sail off of on your bike, helicopter rides, an alpine slide, mountaineering and wilderness adventures galore.

Y is for yoga. A free outdoor class will be offered at the base of Steamboat Ski Area from 9 to 10 a.m. Sunday morning so you can breathe in the mountain air and find your inner stillness after the excitement of OktoberWest.

Z is for Zig Zag, just one of the many scenic trails that takes you up Steamboat Ski Resort.  If two-wheels are more your style, rent a bike at the Steamboat Bike Shop and pedal around the 50 miles of downhill trails and singletrack.