From resort skiing to backcountry adventures, Colorado winters are full of incredible experiences. Steamboat Springs offers activities for all kinds of winter enthusiasts whether you are spending the day at Steamboat Ski Resort or experiencing the abundance of other activities in the area. The most important part of any winter adventure is to stay safe. That’s why we have compiled multiple resources for visitors to consult before and during any activity. Here are a few helpful tips to stay safe while creating memorable winter experiences in Steamboat Springs.


Everyone wants to find a great parking spot to get a good start on their adventures. In many cases, that means starting early. Often on weekends, holidays and powder days, parking lots at trailheads fill early. If you arrive at the trailhead and the parking lot is full, either try a different trail or give it some time and come back later. Steamboat has lots of great coffee shops to while away some time. Parking illegally, creating new spots or blocking someone else is a bad practice.

Make Way for Big Equipment

All that fresh snow is fun to play in, but not so fun to drive in. Thankfully our local plow drivers and U.S. Forest Service employees are excellent at moving it out of the way on the roads. So if you see big equipment, give it a wide berth. It’s much easier for you to get out of their way than the opposite. 

Be Avy Savvy

Before heading out check the avalanche forecast, know where you are going and make sure you’ve got the safety gear and know how to use it.  If conditions are dangerous, skip it; avalanches are no fun. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center’s (CAIC) is a valuable resource for information on how to be prepared and how to travel safely in the backcountry. They provide daily avalanche and weather forecasts. For free avalanche awareness training, check out CAIC’s Know Before You Go page.

It’s Cold Outside

Wherever you head out to recreate, be prepared. Check the weather, know where you are going and how to call for help (cell service isn’t always available), dress in layers and bring food and water. Even if your plans are just a quick hike, prepare to be out longer than you plan, just in case.  

Other Users

We all share the open space. Be polite, say hello and be helpful to those around you. Around here, we say that Kindness Floats the Boat, and that’s true for everywhere you travel in the area. Respect one another’s modes of travel and help ensure everyone enjoys their time outside.

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