Guest Blogger Cali McGovern, high school senior & spring break intern for the Chamber

For almost a decade, Steamboat has been my family's #1 vacation spot for winter AND summer. Although we love the skiing, snowboarding, countless physical activities, downtown shopping and AMAZING dining options, what makes this town so special to us are the people we find here.

Unlike many major cities or resorts, the people here really know how to make you feel at home while on vacation. Unfortunately, while attempting to learn to snowboard, I fractured my wrist. Fortunately, just about everyone from the hospital to the snowboard rental place to the waitress at last night's restaurant were friendly and accommodating.

My highschool (in Florida) requires that all of the seniors do internships in their field of choice. Of course, I knew that Steamboat would be a great place to get a feel for the marketing industry. So now, as I finish up my stay with the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association, I know I made the right choice. From the moment I started, all of the employees were willing to take the time to share their expertise while actually getting me involved. I sat in on meetings and helped compile event schedules -- things that I know an eighteen-year-old wouldn't be able to experience in larger resorts like Vail or Aspen.

When we first came years ago, we were drawn in by the winter sports and landscape, but that could be found anywhere along the Rockies. When we are greeted by locals who treat us like friends, we know that that's something that's just uniquely Steamboat.

For more information on our 2010 summer event internship opportunities contact Kara Givnish, Special Events and Sponsorship Director at 970-875-7002 or