One of my favorite things about summer is green grass.  Now, some might think this is odd but for me it takes me back to all those magical summer memories.  I remember the exciting running races, the first time I mowed the lawn, the 500th time I mowed the lawn, the smell of fresh cut grass, laying in the grass with my dog and so many more.  Today, I look out my window and begin to see more and more fresh green grass.  Now, latter in life I can not wait to start building on those magical summer memories.  Mowing my own lawn, playing fetch with the dogs, walking through the grass in bare feet, BBQ’s on the back deck, the unforgettable distinct smell of fresh cut grass and so much more.  As spring is upon us with this record breaking winter season I feel that the green grass will be record breaking in color and don’t forget about our famous wild flowers the will paint our landscape with a rainbow of colors!