Through all of Colorado, lovely places abound. But a town like Steamboat rarely can be found.

I first visited in summer a few short years ago. A guy I had started dating had some cool places to show.

We went camping in the woods and hiking near a stream. We strolled around downtown and enjoyed the hot springs’ steam.

The beauty of this place, with its lush green mountain view, made me fall in love, for it was a dream come true.

This man showed me great trails and food and took such good care of me. If he knew a place like Steamboat, this relationship was meant to be!

In fact it was this weekend in the springs under a starry sky, we exchanged our first kiss. He became my husband last July.

Now we go back often to this special place that’s treasured for ski weekends and bike rides. Our love for this town can’t be measured.

Because it was in Steamboat Springs one summer night three years ago, I fell in love with my future husband and this place that I now cherish so.

Aubree Keys, We Love Steamboat story submission