Just married and looking to plan the perfect honeymoon getaway? With June and September as the most popular months to get married, the summer is also the perfect time to honeymoon in Colorado. Colorado is patient, Colorado is kind. It does not have humidity or pesky insects, it is not on a coast, it has minimal crowds, and offers just the right amount of relaxation and adventure. The second you land in Colorado, all of the wonderful things you loved about your wedding day will continue.

HikingFirst, let’s consider beauty. When you honeymoon in Colorado, you’ll land in one of the most beautiful states in the lower 48. Colorado’s beauty comes from its jagged 14er peaks, the rugged exposed red rock, and hikes that lead you to thematic and lush destinations across the entire four corner state. The wild allure of your honeymoon landscape will balance the structured perfection from the wedding day.

Secondly, your Colorado honeymoon will be full of exciting new experiences. We all know every wedding has unpredictable (though hopefully not unfortunate) events. It’s all about the journey and Colorado honeymoon adventures are always happy! Between a romantic stay on a guest ranch, camping in a national park at 9,000 feet, and seeing wildlife in its natural habitat, you’re due for some unpredictable, but pleasant and memorable, surprises to start off married life.

Devil's CausewayFinally, let’s talk about how your life will change forever once you honeymoon in Colorado. You may see a moose for the first time or you may push yourself to get to the top of a hiking trail called the “Devil’s Causeway” just to see a spectacular view and experience what it’s like at the top of the world. You may drive a winding dirt road to arrive for a soak in the most gorgeous natural hot springs you have ever seen. Just as your life changed at the altar, a honeymoon in Colorado will change you and your beloved’s lives in a way you never could have imagined: a new culture, a new landscape, and new future vacation plans to relive the moments of your first trip as a married couple.

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