You know it has been a great weekend when sitting at your desk on a Monday morning your arms are sore, you have a tan and you are still a bit tired from all the activity that comes with a great three day weekend. Steamboat Springs was full of energy, excitement and a lot of celebration this weekend with our annual First National Bank of Steamboat Springs Fourth of July Parade on Friday as well as the annual Saddleback Ranch Cattle Drive on Sunday. These two big events are a lot of fun and it was great to see hundreds of people turning out to see the summertime action. In addition to the scheduled events this weekend I was able to hang out on Stagecoach Reservoir with some friends most of the day Saturday and do a lot of wakeboarding as well as a great bike ride yesterday up Spring Creek Trail starting up on Buffalo Pass near Dry Creek Lake. What a fun weekend. How did you spend your three day weekend in Steamboat Springs?