With a fall becoming a blissful memory and a white blanket of soft snow covering the Yampa Valley, we at the Steamboat Chamber Resort Association have much to be thankful for as the holiday season begins.

Among the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s just as important as ever to honor the people, places, and experiences that add that extra spice to life.

7 Things to Be Thankful For

“I am thankful for the beautiful place I call home. Steamboat Springs is magical year-round. Right now I am anxious to get my skis on and I can’t wait to get on the mountain bike trails in the spring. So many outdoor activities, they keep me happy, healthy, and excited at every season’s change.” - Kara Givnish, CEO

“I’m thankful for happiness, health and always choosing to color outside the lines.” - Ashley Reed, administrative coordinator

“I’m so grateful for the opportunity to go home and visit my family in South Africa.” - Lindy Schwanke, events director

“I am thankful for loving, supporting friends and family and the opportunity to work with such amazing people here at the Chamber” - Holly Kirkpatrick, finance and HR director

“I am thankful to still have my parents around at age 91 and 90.” - Tom Kern, CEO

“I am thankful for having family close by to spend the holidays with.” - Maren McCutchan, events and member relations manager

"I am thankful once again to spend a holiday season in this beautiful winter wonderland I call home, and to share a day on the slopes with my family and friends." - Morgan McDougald, web manager

“With my parents recently relocating to Steamboat Springs from thousands of miles away, I’m thankful for the chance to spend a ski season on the slopes with my mother, who first taught me to ski in my backyard when I was just a toddler.” - Nikki Inglis, public relations manager 

Get up here this holiday season and let us help you make the kind of memories you can be thankful for!