The hot springs in Steamboat Springs are some of our most spectacular points of interest. With stunning panoramic views, amenities for the kids, and the natural minerals that fill our 100+ degree pools, our local springs are not to be missed. Steamboat Springs is lucky enough to be home to two facilities for our geothermic activity - Old Town Hot Springs, and Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Both come with their own unique experience, prepared to cater to you and your family's needs.

It's of the utmost importance to us to preserve our resources here in Steamboat Springs and Routt County. We encourage visitors and locals alike to aim towards a sustainable visit and lifestyle. We have provided a few tips for a sustainable visit to our hot springs to ensure the longevity of these special places.


Bring You Own Water Bottle

This one's easy! We highly recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you when visiting either of our hot springs. Not only is a reusable water bottle a simple act of sustainability that we can all practice, but it's also important to stay hydrated during your time in the hot springs. According to our friends at Old Town Hot Springs, the pools reach temperatures just over 100 degrees and after a day of skiing and hiking, can attract visitors for a couple of hours at a time. While your muscles will surely appreciate it, your body loses hydration during the soak due to sweating. Protect our environment and your body with a reusable water bottle. Forgot one at home? We've got your back! Come see us at the Visitor's Center for a free reusable water bottle. For bonus points, add a Honey Stinger electrolyte pack to ensure you are re-upping your electrolytes and leaving the disposable Gatorade bottles behind.


Take Free Transit or Sweet Pea Bus

One way Steamboat Springs practices sustainability is with public transportation. We pride ourselves on the ability to live "carless" in our community if our residents or visitors so choose. If you are planning to visit Old Town Hot Springs, our local free transit bus can pick you up in most places near the mountain and throughout Steamboat Springs. There is a multitude of bus stops near the hot springs, making it easily accessible by our bus system. In the summer, take the Core Trail by foot or bicycle to get to Old Town Hot Springs, conveniently located right downtown. For Strawberry Park Hot Springs, you can schedule a reservation with Sweet Pea Bus Tours to take you directly to the facility. The road to Strawberry Park requires four-wheel drive, so this is a great option if you wish to opt out of snow driving or don't have a vehicle fit for the journey. In the warmer months, there is even a hiking trail that brings you right to Strawberry Park.


Leave No Trace

We ask that during your visit to Steamboat Springs, you practice the Leave No Trace principles regardless of what you're doing. This is especially important at our hot springs. Our natural environment is the core of our identity and we are working together to ensure that future generations will always be able to experience the allure of the Yampa Valley. Please remember to trash your trash and respect these properties, and be sure to take out whatever you bring in. Please consider using eco-friendly sunscreen (especially if you choose to cold dip in the river at Strawberry Park!) and respect any wildlife you may see during your time in Steamboat Springs.

Thank you for your continued commitment to keeping our most precious natural resources just that - natural.