1. How many times have you run in the Steamboat Marathon?

The Steamboat Marathon is my favorite run/race to do in Colorado. Actually, my favorite run anywhere. I have run the half marathon three times and plan on doing it again this summer.


2. What advice would you give for anyone training?

Make it fun. Set goals. Once you decide on which distance to sign up for, look at your calendar and find a training plan that will work with your schedule. Some people have lots of time to train where they may be able to train 4, 5, or 6 months out. However, for people like me with a couple young kids, a job, home life, etc., it's not always easy to do that. So I look at my calendar and follow a three month training plan (about 12 weeks). Every Sunday I look at the week ahead and plug in when I am going to train. Training can mean a couple short runs, with a longer one sprinkled in, and cross training such as biking, swimming, or cross country skiing.

Sometimes it helps to join a running club (there are new ones in Steamboat with Twisted Trails Running Company that even pair running with a post-run beer), or find a friend to run/train with. Lastly, setting a few goals gives you something to strive for. Some people might have goals such as weight loss or simply just crossing the finish line.  Goals are personal, so there is no right or wrong.

3. What's your favorite aspect of the Steamboat Marathon?

The Steamboat Marathon is by far the most scenic run in the Rockies. I am in awe the entire way. It fills all of my senses - I can see the endless beautiful green mountains and ranch land. I can smell the spring air. I can hear the Elk River running and even hear cows moo-ing as we pass by. I can feel the morning dew.  I can taste that hard-earned glory after crossing the finish line.

Steamboat Marathon

4. What's your best Steamboat Marathon memory?

Every race has been great, but the best memory from the Steamboat Marathon was running it with my three sisters last year. It has been a dream of mine to have all four of us run in a race together and we accomplished that goal last year. We were fortunate to be able to train together and support each other along the way.  It was a beautiful bluebird Colorado day and it was just the perfect run.

Kyleigh Lawler and Sisters

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