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Positively influencing current regional economic issues while setting a bold vision for long-term economic sustainability is at the heart of the Economic Summit.

Each of us in the Yampa Valley can influence our region’s economic vision and guide decisions that will set the trajectory of tomorrow’s economic reality. The Economic Summit is your opportunity to quickly gain insights into today’s economy, explore our unique challenges, and discover opportunities to enhance our economy, community and culture.

Each year the Summit delivers practical, thought-provoking, and timely content that engages the community on top issues. As we compete in a global economy, it is more important than ever to learn from emerging industry sectors, spot new trends, adjust to changing demographics, track economic shifts, and look further over the horizon to see where our local economy is headed.

Exploring how entrepreneurship and the retention and expansion of small businesses advances long-term economic sustainability and other issues is a valuable conversation. As is locally growing and retaining a talented workforce to catalyze all sectors of the economy, including agriculture, tech, creative industries, and more.

Attracting attendees from across the Yampa Valley, the Economic Summit continues to expand its influence and reach. Your support of this valuable educational and networking event will drive our community’s economic development program and future growth.



Please see the 2022 agenda below for our full schedule of events.


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2023 details coming soon.

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