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Economic Summit Session Topics


Legislative Update

Rachel Beck

Rachel Beck will give a general overview of the 2024 legislative session. Included in her presentation will be themes of the session, major policy bills, and a look into the bills that affect economic development and the business climate in the state.


The Intersection of Agriculture & the Economy

Jeff Engell

Jeff Engell will share the latest data and trends shaping the landscape of food and agriculture, and how those are influencing the economy both locally and nationally. We'll examine value-added foods and their profound effects on consumers and producers within Colorado's economy.


Panel: Real Estate

Michael LaMotte, Todd Carr, Mathew Mendisco, Jason Peasley, Chris Sias

Each Real Estate panelist will provide a brief six-minute overview of their work, followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience. Gain valuable insights directly from seasoned professionals in the field, covering diverse aspects of the real estate market. Whether you're a seasoned investor, commercial buyer, aspiring homeowner, or simply intrigued in real estate trends, this is the perfect platform to get your questions answered. 


Panel: Banking

Adonna Allen, Wade Gebhardt, Jonathan Lay, PJ Wharton

Our banking experts will break down the perception versus reality of the current economy, shedding light on how sentiments may diverge from data. Learn how the national economy affects our local one, and what that means for you. They'll cover emerging trends and potential weaknesses within our local economy and strategies to address them.


Economic Update

Dr. Nathan Perry

Dr. Nathan Perry will delve into the local and regional trends in demographics, labor markets, standards of living, industries, real estate, and energy. Additionally, he will explore the national economic landscape and provide insights into our current position within the business cycle.




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