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Talon Grips, Inc.

  • 2522 Copper Ridge Drive, Unit B-5, Steamboat Springs, CO, 80487
  • (970) 879-9600
  • Overview

    Talon Grips, Inc. is the only US Patented single piece wrap around adhesive style gun grip 100% Made in USA. Talon grips were designed by a Firearms Instructor and Armorer with the knowledge that better grip equals better control. These grips offer superior grip because of their one-piece design. This innovative design allows the grip to cover the largest area on the pistol as possible, giving a strong, secure, powerful hold on the firearm. The more control one has on a firearm the more they can control muzzle flip. This translates to faster more accurate follow-up shots on the target. Equally as important are the Talon Grips ability to maintain a consistent grip no matter if the shooters hands are wet, slippery or greasy.