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Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

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    Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage was established in 1955 by Margaret and Philip Isely, parents of the current operators & executives. They started the business by going door-to-door in Golden, Colorado, selling whole-grain bread and sharing nutrition information with people they met. The Iselys found that the more health and nutrition knowledge their neighbors possessed, the healthier the food they wanted. Their door-to-door business was successful enough that within a short time they were able to open their first retail location – a modest storefront that looked like a cottage. And, yes, that's where the original name Vitamin Cottage comes from. We offer the lowest possible everyday affordable prices so you and your family can afford to buy safe food, body care products, and dietary supplements. Why is our first promise about price and not quality? Because if you can't afford to buy them, healthy products won't help you much! Unfortunately, you hear about "low prices" from every store, every day. So let's be clear: we run our business with overall lower costs so that all of our products can be priced right for every family every day. Learn more how to eat healthy and delicious meals on a budget. We sell only safe products. Generally, this means you will find minimally processed foods, single ingredient foods, and products with no artificial ingredients. The government standard for the safety of ingredients in food, body care, and dietary supplements is known as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). We like our standard better: known not to do harm. Read more about ingredient safety and government oversight of food, body care, and supplements here. We sell only natural and organic products. What's natural? To us, it's not just a marketing term. We review all of our foods and to assure they don't contain artificial ingredients used to color, preserve, dye, emulsify, stabilize, flavor or solidify them. And we review body care products and cosmetics to see that they contain the safest ingredients available. We also encourage our customers to take us to task if they find something suspect on our shelves.

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