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Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition

  • Overview

    Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition (“CCCC”) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that conserves and protects the Rocky Mountain Population of Greater Sandhill Cranes and their habitat using science and education to connect people with this iconic species. CCCC is the collaborative leader in fostering long-term sustainability of the Rocky Mountain Population of Greater Sandhill Cranes. Since its inception, CCCC has concentrated on providing public education to ensure the protection of the Rocky Mountain Population of Greater Sandhill Cranes. CCCC presents the annual Yampa Valley Crane Festival every fall and presents educational programs for school children and community groups. In 2021, CCCC started a livestream Sandhill Crane nest camera to use as an educational and science tool. CCCC also monitors the status of cranes in the area and partners with other organizations engaged in habitat improvement projects for cranes and wildlife in Northwest Colorado. CCCC works with willing farmers and landowners in the Yampa Valley through a program called Crops for Cranes to help provide adequate food supplies for staging cranes just prior to migration.

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