On behalf of the Chamber Board of Directors and staff, I am thrilled to introduce the Steamboat Springs Chamber’s new three-year strategic plan, a roadmap designed to position us to proactively support the business community of the Yampa Valley now and in the future.

Developed over several months with input from our board, stakeholders, community partners, and dedicated staff, this plan outlines strategic initiatives that will guide our efforts through the next three years.

Organizational evolution: At the heart of our strategic plan lies the commitment to organizational evolution. We are not the same Chamber as in years past, and we are committed to continuing to evolve our operations and services to meet current needs. We are dedicated to extending our services and resources to more members throughout the Yampa Valley while cultivating the next generation of leaders.

Business development: Thriving businesses are the backbone of our community. This strategic initiative represents our focus on providing essential programs for employee professional development, advocating for pro-business policies at all levels of government, enhancing employee retention and attraction among member businesses, and amplifying the voice of the business community.

Financial health: Sustainability is key to our long-term success. To ensure our financial health and stability, we are committed to growing our membership base, leveraging grants to fund vital community initiatives, maximizing the use of our physical assets, and diversifying our revenue sources. By implementing sound financial practices, we can continue to deliver high-quality services and support to our members and the community at large.

Destination stewardship: Steamboat Springs is cherished by residents and visitors alike. Our strategic goals in destination stewardship represent an evolution of efforts that are community-first. We are focused on providing visitation data to community members, educating residents and visitors on destination stewardship best practices, and creating a comprehensive stewardship action plan that balances our community’s economic, environmental, and cultural needs.

We also want to help deliver exceptional experiences for visitors, so they too are inspired to protect this place. By responsibly and thoughtfully managing our destination, we can preserve its natural beauty, cultural heritage, and economic vitality for future generations to enjoy.

Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat said: “If you don’t know where you want to go, then any path will take you there.”

And while there have been a couple of times during my first year and a half as Chamber CEO that I felt I may have fallen down the rabbit hole, I am immensely proud of the collaborative effort that went into charting our future course. I am confident we are on the correct path to best serve our businesses and workforce. Thank you for your support, and as always it is an honor to serve this community.