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Past Projects

Each year the Leadership Steamboat class chooses a community project to complete throughout that year's program. Below are the projects from past Leadership classes.

2014 Class Project

The 2013/14 Leadership Steamboat class formed Yampa Valley Gives for its graduating project in partnership with the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

The purpose of Yampa Valley Gives is to widen the reach of the ColoradoGives program to include more Routt and Moffat county nonprofit organizations and increase online giving during Colorado Gives Day, which will be held on December 9, 2014.

Colorado Gives Day is an effort started by Community First Foundation that has successfully raised more than $81 million for nonprofit organizations across the state through its website.

“The Leadership Steamboat class is a group of exceptional professionals. We are thrilled that they have chosen to support the local nonprofit sector in partnership with an already very successful statewide initiative. The Community Foundation is excited to participate and provide governance to the Yampa Valley Gives program as it grows into the future” said Tarsha Ebbern, Communications Director for Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

In honor of their 75th anniversaries, the Boettcher Foundation, based in Denver, and El Pomar Foundation, based in Colorado Springs, joined forces to celebrate giving and encourage others to give through a $150,000 grant to Community First Foundation. The grant’s purpose is to help expand Colorado Gives Day throughout the state and make it easier for nonprofits outside Denver to use to accept donations online. Yampa Valley Gives will use its portion of the grant to create special Colorado Gives Day prizes.

"We are excited to introduce Yampa Valley Gives to the nonprofits within our community,” Yampa Valley Gives Board president Glen Traylor said. “Yampa Valley Gives Day will create a fun and interactive avenue for individuals and businesses to give back to the community we love so much."

“The Yampa Valley Gives team is passionate about our efforts and determined to build a successful annual campaign that will make an everlasting impression on where we live and play,” Traylor added. “Because we have seen programs like this work in other communities around the state and country, we are confident that it will be a success within ours.”

For more information about Yampa Valley Gives, contact Glen Traylor at

2013 Class Project

The 2013 class invites you to stroll through downtown and enjoy the artistic benches that were created and installed in the 2013 class project.

The Flight of Art Bench

Located at Quiksilver (see right photo below), sponsored by Howelsen Place/Green Courte Partners.
Creators: Travis Mathey, Architect for Vertical Arts, Stephen Weinress of Storm Mountain Metal and Travis Holmquist of HLCC

This piece began as an abstraction of a ski jumper's aerodynamic form during flight. As this form evolved a more general use of the "flying on skis" theme came about. The sensation of flying, gliding, and floating is a thrill familiar to us in Steamboat Springs. Flying down a mountain bike run, gliding above the tree tops by paraglider, or floating through deep powder on a snow machine, there is something indescribable about these sensations. The form of this bench draws from many of these recreational activities.

The cantilevered steel base on this bench is a sculptural blur between the human form and their flight device. The technology that enables out flight is constantly taking new form, shaping our ability to fly faster, farther, and safer.

Woven Valley Bike Bench

Located at Carl's Tavern (see left photo above), sponsored by Howelsen Place/Green Courte Partners.
Creators: Melissa Trueblood, Architect for Vertical Arts, and Travis Holmquist of HLCC

As the sun sets around the valley, the light plays deep into the trees creating a playful warmth, as it does with this bench. The elements that form this bench create a space similar to the valley that we live in. The wood elements allow for a quick seat, or the option to lounge in the warmth of the sun. Also, the wood segments that play off the end of the bench individually lend themselves to be a place for bikes to be locked up or simply an extension of the seating.

Community Bench

Located at All That Jazz (see left photo below), sponsored by Alpenglow/Green Courte Partners.
Creators: Brian Lech and Cactus of Artifact Furniture

The ring shape of the Community bench was constructed as a representation of the unity in Steamboat Springs. There was a mountain community in our valley long before there was a ski hill, it's this unique quality that separates us from other resort towns in the west. 

River Run Bench

Located at Steamboat Art Museum (see right photo above) sponsored by UCHealth Yampa Valley Medical Center.
Creators: Sarah Tiedeken, Architect for Vertical Arts, and Travis Holmquist of HLCC

The Yampa River is an integral part of Steamboat Springs and a lifeline of the businesses along Yampa Street. River Run sets out to emulate the flow of the river as it cascades over rocks and tumbles back onto itself.

The laser cut etchings seek to give the bench the movement of water flowing, while the continuous metal sheet gives the bench its rigitiy and strong form. The undulations in the bench also create opportunities for multiple uses. One can sit in all directions, lean back as if on a lounge chair, and children can play and slide.

The simple material pallette will make the bench strong and maintenance free over its lifetime. The "Gun Blue" finish on the surface of the metal will give the bench a deep blue patina that is weather and rust resistant. The patina will add dimension to the color, making it iridescent. The bench will change color depending on the time of day and angle in which the viewer stands.

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