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Women's Summit Presentation Topics

Lisa Pevateaux

“Be Your Best True Self”
A guide to living full out-Would you like to learn how to live to your full potential? Do you sometimes feel alone in the world even when you are surrounded by so many people? Do you feel like you give, give and give and don't get a lot in return? Do you think you could be more?  Join Lisa Pevateaux, veteran entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two as she shares personal stories to help you to discover the best version of YOU and remind you why that is of utmost importance. Lisa defines the concepts of the words - BEST, TRUE and SELF to uncover universal truths for you to consider to elevate your own life.

Orly Ripmaster

“Own Your Narrative”
The difference between owning and doing is a choice…a universal, impossibly possible, empowering choice.

Breakout Sessions

Elizabeth Peterson 

“Own the room - Speak Like a Leader ”
Some professional business women unintentionally speak softly, sound young, nasal or speak in a pitch that is too high, positioning them to be discredited because characteristics like these do not radiate confidence or credibility. Many non-verbal messages are sent through how speech and voice characteristics are applied.  Learn to send the right messages by strategically learning how to speak with engaging intonation and lower vocal tone qualities. Discover how to have command of your voice and speak in a style that will persuade, lead and motivate. 

Dr. Kristen Race & Lisa Pevateaux 

“How to Be the Boss of Your 24 Hours ”
Do you often find yourself spent at the end of a really long day not feeling like you have accomplished much, if anything? Do you make "to-do" lists and never get it all done? Do you wonder how you can really move the needle toward success in your career and in your personal life? Join Lisa, as she shares her formula for prioritizing her calendar items to protect what is most valuable in our lives, time. You can't get it back, so make sure to check out her tools to protect this valuable commodity and get everything important done while staying sane.

Christine Walsh 

“If Money Were a Person in Your Life…. How to Successfully Live with and Love Your Money”
Money is one of the longest relationships you will have. What if you had the tools and the mindset to quickly take back control of this relationship where it is a supportive, healthy, and dare I say loving one? How might your personal life and your spiritual life change? 

During this workshop, we will walk through how to understand money at its root so you can make, spend, invest, and give on your OWN terms in alignment with your money values. You will identify your number one block to having a healthy relationship with money and how to clear it. You will learn the powerful role of receptivity when it comes to your money story so you can finally stop underearning and you will walk away with supportive, immediate actionable tools to create more confidence, clarity, and cash. 

Diane Muntean

“Taking Charge of Your Career”
You deserve to create a life – and a career – that you passionately love!  Take charge of your career by creating a vision for your ideal career and developing a plan to make that vision a reality. In this session, you will learn the seven steps of career planning, starting with creating a mindset of self-responsibility that moves your career from chance to choice.  Diane will help you open up to new career possibilities, explore your unique abilities and understand the role of your career in the context of your larger life.

You will leave with a map to guide you in career planning, tools to help you understand yourself and connect with people who can help you, and techniques to keep you motivated along the way.

Dr. Grace Charles

“Stressed and Anxious? Dial down the Overwhelm”
Discover common physiological reasons that you are feeling anxious and learn how to treat them. Are you wide awake at 3 am?  Are you worried, all the time?  Are you restless and agitated and often grumpy with your family?  This is stress and anxiety -and while finding the emotional root causes of our anxiety can be a lifelong process, there are several nutritional and hormonal imbalances in the body that make anxiety worse.  In this breakout session, we will review the common physiological causes of anxiety and discuss safe and effective treatment strategies that you can start right away.

"Tired and Cranky? Get your energy back"
Find out why you are tired and learn how to get your energy back. The endocrine system is often at the root of fatigue in women.  In this breakout session, participants will learn the science behind thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone and blood sugar imbalances that make us tired.  We will discuss how to advocate for getting tested to diagnose these conditions and review safe and effective treatment protocols that you can start right away

Susan Larson

"The Leadership Gene”
For women in leadership roles and those who want to be. Discover tools and tricks to enhance your leadership style. 

"Mentoring for Managers”
Can you give tough feedback when necessary? Can you take it? This breakout will explore the often complex relationship between mentor and mentee and discuss healthy conflict. 

Robin Schepper

"When Hard Work Doesn't Cut It"
As young women, we were taught to work hard, get good grades, be kind to everyone and have a positive attitude, and success will come. However, these actions are rarely enough to get noticed and rewarded. Examine these facts: In Fortune 500 companies, 15% of senior leaders and only 3% of CEOs are women. Only about 10% of female-owned firms receive equity capital. Our elected officials are overwhelming male. What can we do to set ourselves apart? In this workshop, you will learn and practice techniques to develop your personal brand, as well as strategies to promote yourself and other women so we can all succeed together.

Greer Van Dyck

"Powerful Leadership in Times of Change" 
Leadership is a mindset and way of being regardless of job title or status. During times of change, it is about how we relate, how we show up in an honest way, and how we respond rather than react. In this breakout, you will understand the distinction between leadership as a mindset or way of being vs a byproduct of status or role. How to cultivate an environment built on trust and resilience for yourself and those around you throughout your personal and professional life and gain tools to understand and implement leadership based thinking/acting throughout your day.

Hazie Werner Winners Panel

Learn how to make a positive impact on the community from Hazie Werner Award Winners. These impactful women have left their mark on all aspects of Steamboat Springs and beyond.