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Steamboat Women's Leadership Summit

November Speakers and Session Descriptions

The Steamboat Springs Chamber and Alpine Bank are proud to present Steamboat’s premier women’s leadership summit, Thrive Together, a collaboration that promotes, motivates, and empowers women in all phases of life through personal and professional development.


The Power of Mindfulness to Build Resilience in Uncertain Times
Dr. Kristen Race | November 5 at 11:30 AM

As we all attempt to navigate the unending series of challenges that confront us, Dr. Kristen Race focuses on ways to help us build resilience to these constant stressors. In this live, 60-minute interactive workshop participants will learn strategies to be more productive, more positive, more calm and more sane in the face of disruption. Kristen's simple, brain-based mindfulness solutions are easily incorporated into the context of our existing days, and will leave us with solutions to support us as individuals professionally and personally.

Disrupt Negative Patterns that Keep You Stuck: Create Your Clarity
Mary Hendra | November 17 at 9 AM

When feeling stuck, anxiety kicks in and amplifies the fear, grief, sense of loss or other strong emotions which prevent us from feeling confident to take next steps. Are you wanting to take action, but struggling to find the clarity you need to act with confidence? Determined action in professional and personal lives grows directly from a clarity that comes from within. In this interactive workshop we’ll use various strategies to break out of destructive thought patterns and coax out your clarity so you can take your next step with confidence.

A Personalized Plan to Optimize Your Brain State
Dr. Kristen Race | November 19 at 11:30 AM

Sometimes, the hardest part of having our stress response triggered is not knowing how to get out of such a challenging brain state. In this 75-minute interactive workshop, Dr. Kristen Race leads participants through several powerful practices to help them identify the unique events, thoughts and stressors impacting their own nervous system, and then leads us through an interactive process to create a personalized plan to regain control of our mind and our life.


Dr. Race is a bestselling author, founder of Mindful Life™, two-time TEDx speaker and Head of Mindfulness for Solvasa. A world-renowned expert in the field of mindfulness, Kristen’s programs and services are rooted in neuroscience and designed to build resilience to modern day stress and create a mindset that helps us live our lives better!

Kristen’s work focuses on making mindfulness practices accessible and easily incorporated into our daily lives. Instead of chasing the elusive goal of work/life balance, she creates simple exercises to bring balance to our brains – more relevant than ever in the world of COVID-19. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY, CNN, and Real Simple Magazine. She is a two time TEDx speaker and has trained over 60,000 leaders in her methods worldwide. Learn More

Mary Hendra has worked in government, education, and non-profit industries with the consistent goal of building a more compassionate, engaged community. A Chapter Leader for the Ellevate Network for Professional Women, Mary consistently advocates for and supports the growth of opportunities and professional development for women from diverse backgrounds. She also regularly facilitates online workshops for cross-industry professionals to find clarity and take action - even when confronting extreme stress or perhaps painful transitions - with a combination of stillness, creativity, and community. Her 24 years in education has included teaching students and educators in online, in-person, and hybrid settings. Learn More