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Steamboat Women's Leadership Summit

March Speakers and Session Descriptions

The Steamboat Springs Chamber and Alpine Bank are proud to present Steamboat’s premier women’s leadership summit, Thrive Together, a collaboration that promotes, motivates, and empowers women in all phases of life through personal and professional development.


Balanced Leadership: The Competitive Edge
Greer Van Dyck | March 4 at 11 AM

Prioritizing and establishing balance at work is an ongoing evolution and critical now more than ever. In this 60-minute interactive webinar, Greer Van Dyck will reflect on the importance of having balanced teams, what must first be in place before balance can be addressed, and how to integrate these practices into your day to day.

Time Management: 1 Step Closer to Getting the Most from Your Time
Heather Martyn & Ellen Kendall | March 11 at 12 PM

In this session, you will assess where your time goes, and learn the tools and skills to help you manage your time in order to live a more balanced life.

Advocating for Self while Caring for Others: Strategies for Sustainability
Jenn Doe | March 16 at 12 PM

We’ve all heard the adage that you have to put your oxygen mask on before assisting others, but how many of us can really say we do this in our lives?

  • How often do you find yourself sacrificing your own needs to attend to the needs of others?
  • Do you end your days feeling run down and depleted?
  • Does this create conflict and tension at home or work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone AND you can live in a more sustainable way! This workshop will help you develop strategies to integrate self-care into your life without feeling like it’s one more thing on your to-do list. We will discuss ways to get your needs met through assertive communication, boundary setting and negotiation, and how these concepts contribute to our overall wellness. This workshop is designed for anyone in a caretaking role, personally or professionally, whether they are seeking balance in their work and home life, providing leadership to a team, and/or serving clients or patients. Attendees will leave with concrete tools and a plan of action they can implement immediately to support a more sustainable way of living that will allow them to continue serving others for years to come. 

Hormone Balance – A closer look at the menstrual cycle and what it all means 
Dr. Grace Charles | March 18 at 12 PM

Why do you feel like superwoman on some days and a cranky mess on other days? Our menstrual cycles are an incredible mirror of our underlying health. Understanding the female hormone system and how it responds to diet, exercise, stress and sleep can empower and support our quest for balance. Whether you are experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms, looking to optimize your fertility, or are simply trying to navigate difficult or irregular periods, this deep dive into the menstrual cycle will help get your questions answered. In this one-hour webinar, you will learn: What is a “normal” menstrual cycle How to structure your month working WITH your healthy hormonal shifts How to anticipate changes in mood, appetite, and energy How your hormonal birth control works How to treat imbalances naturally to support your wellness

Deliberate Decisions Designed by YOU
Marsha Link | March 25 at 11 AM

How many of us find ourselves wishing we had more “balance” in our lives? The word “balance” is perhaps an unrealistic term since balance implies equality between opposing or interacting things. In this interactive 60-minute workshop, you will explore a new model for looking at the multiple dimensions that you must juggle in your personal and professional lives. You will be invited to determine how you currently spend your time and energy and speculate on how you might like to change that in the future. You will learn a 3-step plan to help you be more intentional about what you want, rather than feeling powerless to make changes. Join us to find the power in YOU to create a life that will bring you joy and satisfaction.


Greer is a certified professional coach and founder of Windrose Coaching & Mentoring. With over 10 years of experience as a mental health practitioner, her work specializes in organizational health. The psychological health and well-being of a company is the single most important indicator of overall company success and advancement over time. Her work supports organizations and empowers leadership teams to build trust, create alignment, and communicate with clarity and authenticity so they can move forward in a meaningful and effective way.  Learn More


The Colorado Institute for Excellence (CIE) is an organization development and improvement company whose purpose is to help organizations achieve excellence in all areas – people, process and performance. The CIE combines Ellen’s 35 years of experience as an organizational improvement consultant (ranging from work with Fortune 100 companies worldwide to local businesses and non-profits) with Heather’s 20 + years of experience in the private sector as a local entrepreneur and business owner, as well as in non-profit and government agencies. Both Ellen and Heather live in Steamboat Springs. Learn More

Jenn Doe is the Executive Director of the Denver Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DDVCC), where she conducts research and provides training and technical assistance related to domestic violence fatality reviews. In collaboration with the Colorado Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board and the Colorado Office of the Attorney General, DDVCC produces an annual report of statewide findings and policy recommendations. Jenn has worked in the field of domestic violence prevention and advocacy for the past 10 years, providing education and training in this area to high school and college students, volunteers, community members, and victim advocates across the state of Colorado. She has seen firsthand how exposure to trauma and suffering impacts individuals, families, workplaces, and the systems that govern our society. Jenn also teaches courses focused on developing practical life skills at MSU Denver, is a yoga practitioner and 200 hour certified instructor, and does freelance work in graphic instructional design. She is passionate about issues of social justice and serving her community by sharing tools for healing and wellness.

Dr. Grace Charles is a naturopathic doctor, providing individualized natural health care at Minds in Motion here in Steamboat Springs. With training in both conventional medicine and holistic care, she is well suited to help patients determine which approach is most appropriate. She combines therapeutic diets, lifestyle changes and herbal medicine to treat the patient, not the disease. Dr. Charles often works with patients who are overwhelmed with the natural health information they find online, who would prefer expert guidance to help them meet their health goals. Learn More

Marsha Link, Ph.D., is an experienced clinician and consultant who has worked in a variety of settings in business, education, and nonprofit organizations. Throughout her career, Dr. Link has been passionate about advancing women in their respective roles and chosen directions. She served as President of Ophthalmic Women Leaders (OWL); a national organization initially founded 20+ years ago to provide professional development for women working in the ophthalmic space. She authored a column “Woman to Woman” for OWL’s Empower magazine which covered various topics that women face in the workplace. In 2016, she received the Visionary Leader Award from the OWL membership. Marsha’s philosophy is to help women find the power in themselves to intentionally live the life that brings happiness and success in the ways that they individually define.