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Steamboat Women's Leadership Summit

February Speakers and Session Descriptions

The Steamboat Springs Chamber and Alpine Bank are proud to present Steamboat’s premier women’s leadership summit, Thrive Together, a collaboration that promotes, motivates, and empowers women in all phases of life through personal and professional development.


Goal Setting: The Master Skill of Success
Diane  Muntean | February 2 at 10 AM

The ability to set goals and to make written plans for their accomplishment is the secret of success. Goals positively impact your life in several ways: 

  • Goals give you a feeling of power and purpose in life.
  • Goals build persistence, drive and determination.
  • Goals are the foundation for high levels of performance, achievement and fulfillment.

In this session, you will learn the keys to effective goal setting, answer important questions to help you define your authentic goals, and set goals across three important areas of your life.

Create Your Organization's Future Through Visioning
Heather Martyn & Ellen Kendall | February 11 at 12 PM

In this 60-minute session, Heather and Ellen will provide you with the essential elements for creating your impactful vision to guide your organization for the next 3-5 years.

Creating Healthy Work Cultures
Greer Van Dyck | February 18 at 10 AM

In this interactive webinar, Greer Van Dyck will discuss how vital organizational health is. Positive work culture is a primary determiner of competitive edge and overall company success, and during times of uncertainty, culture suffers. Learn what a healthy office environment looks like, the negative impact of toxicity, and how you can play a role in creating an optimal workplace.

Clearing the Path to Create a Life You Love
Winter Clark | February 25 at 11 AM

Clearing the Path to Create a Life You Love brings you the tools to support you in your process of getting clarity around what you want in your life, and clears the challenges that are blocking you. It's a workshop of empowerment and puts you in charge, shifting your energy and mindset into a higher vibration to create a life you love with greater ease.

Check back for more sessions descriptions and speaker bios.


Diane Muntean is a nationally respected personal and organizational leadership consultant and co-founder of the Muntean Leadership Group. She has made the capability development of individuals, teams, and organizations her life’s work. She holds a bachelor’s degree in counseling from Pennsylvania State University, and for over 15 years worked with Fortune 100 companies consulting in the areas of new product development, marketing communications, advertising, public relations and community affairs.
In 1991, Diane and her husband Steve founded the Muntean Leadership Group. Since then, Diane has focused her consulting, facilitating and executive coaching in the areas of personal leadership, organizational leadership, strategic planning, culture transformation, personal talent assessment, accelerated learning and motivation. Diane’s personal mission is to “help individuals create and live lives they passionately love.” Learn More


The Colorado Institute for Excellence (CIE) is an organization development and improvement company whose purpose is to help organizations achieve excellence in all areas – people, process and performance. The CIE combines Ellen’s 35 years of experience as an organizational improvement consultant (ranging from work with Fortune 100 companies worldwide to local businesses and non-profits) with Heather’s 20 + years of experience in the private sector as a local entrepreneur and business owner, as well as in non-profit and government agencies. Both Ellen and Heather live in Steamboat Springs. Learn More

Greer is a certified professional coach and founder of Windrose Coaching & Mentoring. With over 10 years of experience as a mental health practitioner, her work specializes in organizational health. The psychological health and well-being of a company is the single most important indicator of overall company success and advancement over time. Her work supports organizations and empowers leadership teams to build trust, create alignment, and communicate with clarity and authenticity so they can move forward in a meaningful and effective way.  Learn More

Winter, of SoulCall Coaching, brings you into alignment with the life you truly desire through ongoing support as you follow your passion, step into and reclaim your power, begin to know your purpose and create lasting change by ultimately shifting your paradigm. She facilitates transformation and rebirth for clients, supporting with empathy and watching their rise to success! She's also a 3rd generation Intuitive, Master Usui Reiki energy healer trained in The Art of Transformational Coaching and the usage of FES Flower Essences. Learn More