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Steamboat Women's Leadership Summit

December Speakers and Session Descriptions

The Steamboat Springs Chamber and Alpine Bank are proud to present Steamboat’s premier women’s leadership summit, Thrive Together, a collaboration that promotes, motivates, and empowers women in all phases of life through personal and professional development.


Stand Out For Success: How to Self-Promote Without Feeling Salesy
Laura Fravel | December 3 at 11 AM

You have to introduce yourself at a speaking event, or someone asks you "what do you do?". You have to write your bio, or figure out what to say on social media. Do you squirm at the thought of 'putting yourself out there' and promoting yourself? Or do you seize the opportunity to become unforgettable?

Uncover how to feel more authentic, genuine and natural - not braggy - when talking about the work you do. Walk away with tangible steps on how to leverage and build your personal brand to naturally elevate your expertise, build community, and skyrocket your impact and profit, more efficiently and effectively.

How to Shine Online: Virtual Presence Workshop
Alyssa Peek | December 9 at 11 AM

Within the first 7 seconds of seeing you, people make assumptions about you and your character. Every nuance, from your wardrobe to your background and posture are all visually telling a story and setting a narrative. Being intentional about your online presence will give you more confidence and allow you to lead with impact. Making the best first and most powerful lasting impression is what makes a reputation. Who would have thought that appearing on camera would be a basic function of your workday? In this 1-hour webinar, you will learn:

1. What virtual presence really means and why it matters
2. The top 5 tips on how to set your stage
3. The #1 mistake people make
4. Best practices and live meeting etiquette

Keynote: The Resilience Advantage – 5 Essential Elements for Success in a Challenging & Changing World
Julie Lewis | December 11 at 10 AM

Why are some people better at coping with changes and challenges? Why do some people seem able to spot the silver lining in any cloud? Why do some people have the ability to bounce back from tough times to be stronger than before? The answer is resilience.

In today’s rapidly changing world resilience is a vital success skill. Major trends, transitions, shifts, and more recently COVID-19 are impacting every industry. More than ever, individuals, teams and organizations need to be able to adapt to challenges swiftly and bounce back from setbacks. Resilience is a quality that helps us turn adversity into advantage and threat into opportunity. The good news is, it’s a package of skills and behaviors that you can learn or develop whatever your age, circumstance or experience. This session will cover types of resilience, why it is important, how we develop it, knowing your signature strengths as a tool to boost and broaden resilience, the five elements of resilience, and resilience rituals you can act on now to help you in business & life.

It's Your Choice
Kim Butler | December 15 at 10 AM

Join us for a heartfelt conversation about what Choice Theory and accountability look like in your life. Where are you embracing your power and where is it lacking? How do you move the needle when you want to? We will spend time looking inward, as well as how we can apply these principles and practices to help us grow and thrive at work, at home, and with friends.


Laura Fravel helps leaders and business owners build impactful, profitable personal brands, to stand out as the go-to expert in their niche. She comes from two decades of media and brand storytelling experience – from National Geographic and Netflix to Microsoft and T-Brand Studios. Today, she’s passionate about helping fellow women business leaders find their story – and then effectively and confidently share it with the world… to be seen, influential, and profitable. Learn More

Often dubbed "the intuitive photographer" for the outstanding results she achieves for her clients, Alyssa Peek is the founder of Peek Photography. She is focused on helping her clients see the best in themselves so they can achieve their goals. Catering to women professionals and business owners over 40, Alyssa gives her clients the emotional and practical support to show up as their best self on camera. Alyssa's sensibility of deep connections allows her to perceive her clients' true desires and fears and reveal their true essence. Alyssa will skyrocket your self-confidence and ensure an attractive image of yourself that you are proud to share. Using her skills as a photographer, artist and public speaker, Alyssa coaches on how to have a powerful virtual presence in live video meetings and interviews. Learn More

Julie has climbed several high-altitude mountains, attempted a solo-swim of the English channel, and has led multi-national teams of men and women on 61 expeditions to more than 20 countries, including the Arctic and Antarctica. Her experience in challenging, unpredictable, and remote environments gives her the leading edge when it comes to overcoming obstacles and remaining calm, focused and optimistic. Julie helps teams perform at their peak, stay focused, healthy, energized, and agile as they navigate the journey ahead. She has consistently backed her extensive experiences in business and life with solid academic studies, certifications and awards. Julie’s C-Suite Best Seller Book “Moving Mountains” is a personal development workbook packed with transformational stories and leadership lessons for 21st-century business and life. Learn More

Kim Butler, SHRM-CP, is a versatile, highly skilled Human Resources Specialist with 10+ years of diverse experience managing, training, and facilitating HR programs and activities. She has been successful in developing and leading effective training and onboarding programs and technical solutions to improve service delivery, processes, and leadership/staff performance. Kim is a dynamic team player, who enjoys collaborating and innovating with organizations to help their employees thrive. Learn More