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Current Local Restrictions

May 18: Routt County Board of Health Rescinds Local Public Health Order

Masks are no longer required in most indoor public spaces unless required by a local business or organization in Routt County.

Colorado Public Health Order Is Still In Effect
  • Fully vaccinated people are no longer required to wear masks in most settings.
  • Businesses can have their own masking guidance.
  • Face coverings are required for unvaccinated and not fully vaccinated staff in medical settings, congregate care, jails, DMV and other settings.
  • Mass indoor events still require social distancing. When more than 100 people are gathered in a room in a public indoor space, the setting may operate at 100% capacity not to exceed 500 people, with 6 feet distancing required between parties of unvaccinated people or when vaccination status is unknown. These requirements do not apply to places of worship and associated ceremonies, retail services, and restaurants that have sit-down dining and do not have unseated areas where 100 or more people could gather. 
  • Masks are required for preschool through grade 12 (including extracurricular activities) and child care centers. Fully vaccinated individuals, including vaccinated children ages 16-18, in a classroom, cohort, or other group of children may remove masks when the teacher or other staff have provided proof of fully completed vaccination to their employer. Schools may decide to enforce stricter masking policies. 

Additionally, the current CDC order requires masks on transportation (shuttles, buses, cabs, etc.) and in transportation hubs.

Mitigation Planning

Mitigation plans are no longer required for businesses and events in Routt County, CO. Some State orders for events still apply.