LMD Marketing


Over the past four years, the combined marketing efforts of the public/private partnership between the LMD and Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. (SSRC) have resulted in consistent, convenient air service for guests as well as local travelers.

LMD MARKETING - $375,000

For 2018, the LMD is committing $300,000 to marketing winter service and $75,000 toward summer flights. Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. manages the LMD dedicated winter marketing funds on top of its overall national sales and marketing campaigns to reach an even wider audience. Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. partners with the Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association on the summer flight marketing efforts.


In addition to its 33.33% share of air service costs, Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. also spends between $2.5 to $3M each season as part of air service marketing, co-op airline programs and international campaigns.

Focused on the commercial air program’s top destination markets, these efforts center on air-specific online, print, and cable television advertising, geo-targeted emails, direct mail, dedicated web pages and promotions, press releases, public relations initiatives, special events and group sales programs.

Through these efforts, the resort is promoting the winter air program to destination guests in more than 40 cities across the country as well as key international markets. These targeted and strategic marketing efforts led by Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp. have a direct impact on the success of each flight and the overall success of the program.

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